Can't submit request from FG support websit page

I want send request to FG from the page "" , but I can’t finish it.

At the bottom “Please verify that you are human” always give the hint “Your response is incorrect. Please try again.”.

I try Edge/IE and other browser, the result is same.


I do submit request successfully before, but now I can’t. FG, pls tell me what’s going on and how to do with it. 


Could you please let me know in private message which email address are you trying to use to contact the support?

Hi, Alysea, I use email address as follow:

Every other option have done, only when I click “submit” button, it give me that hint, and I can’t find any other thing need to fill or somewhat at that page.

How about “verify that you are human” working?


I need to submit request 'cause I wanta link my account, but it show me “you reach account link limit”;I need your support to unlock this limit or help me to transfer my account.

'Cause I can’t finish the submition, I send a email to Andrew Parra ( whom help me before; but 1 day passed, I haven’t receive any reply yet.


Could you help me, Alysea?


Maybe you could try to use another email address?