Can't update windows 10


Anyone else having issues updating RR2 with Windows 10?  When I open RR2, it says the update is available and then goes to Windows Store.  At Windows Store, it just sits there and does nothing.  If I manually look for RR2 at Windows Store, it goes to the RR2 page and then also just sits there and does nothing.




Have you checked if your windows store is not downloading any other updates meanwhile?

You can see this by clicking on your profile picture on windows store, then “downloads and updates”.

If other updates are running, you can pause them so it starts RR2 update.

It does not appear so.  I tried updating last night and it did the same thing.  If I click any other app at the store, it gives me the option to install.  When I go to the RR2 page, it sits there with the spinning cursor.

Please check with the customer support in this case, though it might take longer to update depending on the device/country…