Can't Upload New Profile Photo

Why is that I can’t upload a new photo for my profile? I did it before. But now, it just doesn’t work for me.

Because the feature is broke. I have tried it in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome. Glad to hear it is just not me.


You can find a picture on the web and use it. This is kind of broken, too, but I did get it to work.

I posted a picture on my Facebook account.

Click on the picture to see the maximized version.

Right-click on and “Copy image location” (the exact phrase may vary per web browers).

Copy/paste the address into the box "Import a photo from a URL "

The click Import.

Adjust crop and you should be good.


The picture has to be very small in size. You may need to use a photo editor and change the file extension to another format (jpg, .tiff,) to reduce the size - 


***Recommend an image 200px or larger 


***The file selected is too large. Max 50kB


=Let me know if this fixes the problem=

@Joekee: Thanks man for reminding. The direct file upload doesn’t work this time. Importing images thru URL does work.


Here’s what I did. Base from @Joekee’s instructions, I uploaded the picture on my FB. Clicked to enlarge the image, right-clicked and copied the image URL (Copy image URL), then imported the image on the forums CP. Then, voila! A new profile picture.


The size of the image was ignored. You might just want to edit it before you import it to fit the way you wanted it.

Hey guys, we just did another internal test and we were able to directly upload pictures as forum avatars.

Could you check if this is working for you now?


Thanks :slight_smile:

Positive. Thanks for the fix admin.


NOTE: Maximum size of image is 50px.


Uploading file works great, thank you!


Uploading from an url returns this error message: “Could not save the URL image specified”