Can't win enough medals in war

Before the alliance war I kept my base open and lost trophies and then when I

tried to attack some players(the players RR2 game me to attack) then saw each one of them gave me just 27 medals I know that it happened because I’m a player with low trophies now and they are giving me lower trophies. Player too but when I entered my favourite player list and choose a player to attack then boom; that player also giving me 27 medals… But yesterday he used to give me 463 medals and each player of my favorite list give me above 400,medals but now everyone of them giving me just 27 medals and the high of it is 42 medals… Why the shit happened to me


 want answers… IGN: Shindoo1

Hi Shindoo1,

I also open my base every now and then and drop around 2000 trophies. I do it for several reasons, one of the most important ones is becoming a shield for my lowest team members. I give lot of skulls, so lower plus higher players of opponents that are careless raid me, instead of them. Their attack fails and they have one attack less for attacking my lower members. And there are always players who don’t want to give up, even when it doesn’t make sense to continue. Their hero dies very fast and then they start to resurrect and heavily scroll, just with intention to beat the base. It gives gems, sometimes even more then you will be able to win by tournaments, but don’t count on it.

Try to do the following scenario at the beginning of the recess, enter your name in the open bases topic and open your base and leave some loot for grab. A day later, be polite and tell players that you close your base again after you dropped enough trophies. Be smart and still leave some unprotected gold (a few M would do) You will notice that within a few days your trophy count is almost back to normal and as a reward you probably got some gems. The problem you mention I did not have.

Don’t use matchmaker after losing a lot of trophies, that is useless, those players are only giving you 25 to 34 medals. Just search for alliances in the neighboorhood of your team and raid players somewhere around your old trophy count. Make sure you don’t attack the same player too often, ou don’t want to become a harasser, since stronger Alliance members of that team could go to add you to their favorite list. It’s better to take on players with (war) boosts, if you can handle them, they give most loot plus medals.

Players in favorite list are probably attacked several times by your hero and probably beaten very often. Once you beat a player too often, the medals for that base are lowered, maybe even to 27 like you mention. Maybe something changed with 2.0.0 version, but I didn’t encounter any problems so far. I must admit I also never take any notice of the tournaments. During war season I seem to raid that much that I win some leagues, during recess I drop to lower tournaments, due to lack of raids. I see the winnings as a nice extra, nothing more, nothing less.

Enjoy with us in the G&M and G&M. alliance.



Medals are base on your strength VS your opponent strength. It has nothing to do with trophies. Since you drop a lot in trophies, matchmakers will set up match with opponent in the same trophy range. Lower trophy range mean mostly weaker opponents.

Like Dena said, try to attack poeple with your old trophy count.

It’s been a week… And I’m also trying the method you said but yet its not normal


That’s indeed a long time. Did you maybe upgrade spells, troops or anything else that can explain it or…?

Did you attack a lot of open bases lately from very strong players? That could explain the situation. Matchmaker thinks you are way stronger if so. That could explain what is going on. When I can avoid open bases and don’t need loot, I won’t attack them, unless they give very much loot. I also attack closed bases a lot. I make sure I lose fights every now and then to compensate so that the algorithm adapts the situation a littlebit in my advantage.

I hope you can give us more info about your raiding strategy.

Yes I attacked a lot of open base also…thats why the matchmaker thinks I’m quite stronger… You’re right Although I sent you a friend request on game and can I join g&m alliance






When I come home I will check your hero level plus daily donation, Shindoo1.  

We have a forum topic for our alliance, including minimum requirements. If your stats are good enough, we will welcome you as our member. We have a reason why we don’t accept lower stats players. And since we play cash free plus want to keep boosts up for the team, we introduced a minimum requirement for daily donation.

For hero level we also set a minimum on purpose, since our war seasons are getting more difficult. There is no fun for players when they are bleeding skulls and aren’t able to win a single raid, so that’s why I am careful with my response towards you. I don’t want to give a player false hope.

Only… I must ask you to stay fair to your current team and help them during the rest of this current remaining season, unless your team is already eliminated or you are already without a team.



thanks well said…


I was expecting something like this… Every leader should be like you

I too got similar problem buddy. Once suddenly I started to get 29 medals per player and now its 32 medals per players. I know my trophy count is too low for my level so that’s it the case Imo. I upgraded a lot of units and spells to previous maxed level so I think that too contributed to the prob!! Since we are young alliance boost isn’t affordable outside warseason and its tough to defeat 200+ medal bases without any boost. Beside to win leagues the best thing to do is manually search players and favourite them that’s what I do to win leagues :slight_smile:

I checked your rank, hero level plus donation, Shindoo1. Your trophy amount I leave out of the decision, since you dropped trophies. I would say, visit us during recess first and see if you like our team. It’s the wise thing to do.

The veterans in our team can help you to grow stronger and teach you how to build a strong defense. A visit means you can decide whether you stay with us or not. 

Like I said, during war season it’s important to support your current team. 

Well right now our leaders are loosing hexagon I mean fiefdom for past 3 wars


don’t know why but they are doing it intentionally


Losing fiefdoms is a strategy, to get better opponents and a chance to win. Most teams come in the situation were they struggle between second and last place. Then a leader must make a decision and most leaders make the wrong one. They start to overboost their team and even then lose.

When it happens too often, players will go and the team falls apart after losing several seasons in a row. Skipping a season is fine, but use the donations for growth, not for over boosts. With more members wars can be won. Our team created a second team, one winning, one losing. When wars become to tough, just switch back. Wars will be easy, war boosts are also less strong, but that is a choice.

Sooo… This is how we got bro Shindoo on our team, almost a month passed already. It’s nive to have you  :slight_smile: