Cap the loser bonus. 3rd place has a 10.6% bonus with a day left

We have the typical 2% and the team in 3rd place has a 10.6% bonus. That is insane. I cant beat their top 4 players let alone my team. I have to get around 2,550 skulls for my first ever legendary chest at 30k skulls. The 10 raid max has held me back a little with unexpected losses and I will be rather annoyed if I just miss out from just because we didn’t lose to get an advantage in getting more skulls.

Ohh this can’t be right, apparently the loser bonus only effects top teams!!!

Cap it below 10% and matchmake teams on fiefdoms and number of members

Granted, my team are joint first at the moment but have a crazy amount of skulls so would win on that if we win the two fights we are in. But the team that has the same amount of fiefdoms due to noone attacking them at any point, (was always them attacking as they have pretty much all higher level players just 9 members altogether though) have a tint chance, but chance, of winning if we lose but have coasted through. So basically they could win by hardly doing anything. We have had numerous fights, non stop at least two at a time. We would have only beat the higher level team by numbers I reckon. We deserve a bonus!!

And I think the max should be 5%. I give around 800 skulls when the higher one on the 10.6% team attacks. That’s 240 extra skulls in bonus alone. If they all done it we would be screwed