Caps on bonuses given by gear

I’m buying the last of my pro gear so I can finally start pearling it up, and have a question about caps on certain bonuses found on gear.

It’s my understanding that there’s a 120% cap on the speed bonus and a 100% cap on the scream bonus, so if your gear adds up to more than that it’s automatically reduced to the caps.

Are any other bonuses capped, or just speed & scream?

And 1 more advanced question. I don’t think there are any runes to boost speed or scream. But if they ever make a rune to boost a particular bonus that’s capped, will the rune allow you to go over the cap, or is/will the rune be subject to the same cap?

Thanks in advance

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Luck depreciates instead of capping, you’ll need like 150% to get 80% better odds in the COF. Pro bonuses don’t add much, and are misleading if you think it adds on. True odds are seen, even after depreciation, by clicking on the actual luck stat on you’re hero stat page. Originally, luck was much easier to get to beneficial levels in the COF, so feel it’s worth noting.

Not pro yet, but Shining Light will only affect the normal pal form’s attack damage not the beast attack form… and slightly. Capped by misleading info that doesn’t apply to what you’d think as defined.

Not officially a cap, but there is a debatable effectiveness on things like spell bonuses past 4 or so. Some barely go up anyway, and it starts destabilizing the setup if you go spell strength heavy, focusing on just one spell past 4. Blizzard is one of the worst for spell bonuses for example, needing several just to break even with comparable spells base damage against weaknesses.

Might be others I’m forgetting, or haven’t used in a long enough time to test, but most everything else I think stat-wise does go up as expected, at least to some degree. That said, some are more useful than others for what you bring with you. Need to test it even if it looks good to find a balance. Be prepared with a backup or 10 when they realize things are working too well, or if enough say it works better than it does. Both have and seem to keep happening.

Thanks Legionslayer, and I know what you’re saying. They’ve nerfed Nemesis soo many times I’m almost sorry I saved up and bought it. The last nerf is bizarre and has to do with the healing radius of the bombs. I’ve had bombs land right on top of me and not heal me, and other times I’m 1/2 inch away and it heals me. It gets frustrating.

I don’t really use luck, so I don’t care much about that.

Not even sure what Shining light is, but I don’t have any bonuses for my pals. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one for Nemesis anyway.

I also don’t use spell bonuses on my equipment. I tried the bonus for the blizzard spell once and it was a dud so I just stopped using all of them.

I was really talking more about gear bonuses like health, leadership, and damage.

I try to get a bonus for a variety of damage types to keep a balance. But I want to increase my speed and get rid of life drain which doesn’t seem to be working well anymore.

And not to change the subject, but I don’t even know why they capped speed. I can see scream because if you get more than 2 items with scream. But with speed, shoes and capes are the only things I’ve ever seen it on starting at 35.8% (35.8 x 2 = 71.6). If you pearl up those 2 pieces of equipment to get over 60% each increasing them by 24.2% each, then you’ve spent a boat load of pearls to get them there and deserve to go over 120% speed IMO. (I’m not sure about boots, but on the cape a pearl up bonus only gives you another 0.01%, so if that 0.01% doesn’t go down as you pearl it up, that’s about 2,420 times you have to pearl it to get it to 60%… assuming my math is right, it’s late and I’m tired. lol)

But getting back to the subject, are health, leadership, or damaged capped in any way as far as bonuses on gear?

Shining light is a cape you first get in the dungeon, looks like angel wings. It’s the light blue, lighter version of it. Won’t apply the extra pal damage to Pal Flute transformations… but it should by info provided lol.

Never hit a health, damage, or leadership bonus cap yet, and some sets have been pretty high to test, nearly or at 30k. Damage heavy setups, you probably want some drain mixed in, but you can add several for sure if you’re building it like that.

As for the speed cap, I imagine it’s the same reason as the donkey nerf. It set off and dodged too many jester box lines in people’s bases and people fussed. An easier fix would have been to add necros and barriers, as it was next to worthless on necro bases with barriers lol. Got confused by the skeletons and didn’t hit the barrier even when right in front.

Things get more resistant as you go up, and the runes have skewed it for things you can’t rune as easily. Might be what you’re seeing and what you have to adjust for, or widened the gap on things effectiveness or non effectiveness lol.

Would encourage you to build another approach after you find one that works though. Not because it’s better, but because it’s a backup.

My 1st choice for back up approach is using the pyro & frost dragons together and swapping out sonic blast for shield. The heal aura ring I’ve been pearling up should come in handy as well as long as they don’t nerf it. lol

But that’s an alliance thing, I just got them to turn the pyro back on, now for the froster dragon :slight_smile: I think this will become my main approach using what I have now as a back up for when we can’t get both turned on.

I go a little heavy on damage because of the Hero Scream Attack Rate bonus. I should probably get scream up to 100% as well, but I have it on 2 items so I’ll just slowly get there by pearling them up.

I’m refining this approach now. I just replaced starting morale with leadership, it seems to do better with getting dragons launched through the whole board. I’m also going to replace life drain for health, I think with Nemesis that’s the best way to go, and life drain isn’t doing to much any more.

I’m also thinking about replacing my Omega Boots for Viking Boots, giving up the ice & pierce damage for speed and more blunt damage. I have piercing damage on my belt & ice on my ring anyway. I’ll have to test the Viking boots to see if I like them.

The last thing is the weapon. I like the Omega sword after I rerolled the 2nd attribute to get the snail. I also have the Wrath but the 2nd attribute is life drain. I have to decide to upgrade the Omega sword and reroll till I get the snail, or keep trying to reroll the 2nd attribute on the Wrath till I get the snail.

On the Wrath, the first attribute, 21% faster attack rate seemed like a good idea at the time, but my guy swings slow even with it unless the scream speed boost is active. I think I like the Unit Scream Speed boost on the Omega sword better, and it will come in more handy when the Pyro & Froster Dragons are turned on.

Thanks for the info on caps, it’s helped me plan this out a little better

Sounds like you’re thinking about it the right way :slight_smile:. Might play with a few things before you spend too much on the forge though lol. Ninja can afford a lot of material to test more freely, even if it is a lesser version. I can’t tell you how much I’ve wasted on things I decided to replace later for not doing what I thought it would. Sometimes it was replaced by finding something better for balance.

I would suggest scream be 100%/10 secs or as close as you can get it, and to have at least 2 speed boosts to dodge some things/push others. Hopefully without too much forging with how you want to focus it :).