Captain Morgan's Challenge - Hades Killer


He’s finally gone too far! ](


After many months of dealing with Hades’ smug “holier than thou” attitude, I’ve finally had enough.

As I did for his brother over a year ago, I’m now placing a bounty on Hades’ head. Show me a video of your defense beating Hades and I’ll give you a reward.

Signed -

Captain Morgan















C** hallenge Rules:**

Note: please ensure you adhere to  all  rules, otherwise you  will not  receive a reward.

  • The aim of the challenge is to build a defense which prevents Hades from destroying the Gate of Apollo.
  • Each participant must submit a video which is still online at the time of judging.
  • The video must show the player selecting “Test Defenses” on their own Mount Olympus. The rewards will only be given to the username shown in the “TEST YOUR DEFENSE” screen.
  • Autoplay must be activated before entering battle, and Hades must play entirely in Autoplay once the battle has started; no additional actions can be taken by the player (including spawning units, using spells or invocations, or switching offense/defense mode), except to resurrect Hades in the (unlikely) event of death. If Autoplay is activated only after battle is loaded, you will not receive a reward!
  • The entire battle must play out at  normal speed , battles with fast-forward active will  not count!
  • The player may choose which spells and units to equip, but all available slots must be filled.
  • Blessings may be active.
  • If Hades dies, he must be resurrected.
  • In the event of multiple successful videos, the person with the lowest completion percentage will be declared winner.
  • Every player who manages to complete the challenge will receive 500 Gems.
  • The defense which defeats Hades with the lowest percentage will instead receive a 1500 Gem prize.
  • Anyone who manages to actually kill Hades for me and stop him destroying their Gate of Apollo after he resurrects receives an additional 3000 Gems.
  • All entries will be visible once the deadline has been reached. In the meantime, you will not be able to see other players’ submissions.
  • Deadline for submission of videos or broadcasts is high noon on Friday 13th April (12:00, GMT+2).

Please upload the video to the site of your choice (Youtube, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) and post a link in this thread.


I did two videos, one with lowest percentage and one with more deaths.

Lowest Percentage:

More Deaths:

Ign: k7moda

After 3 hours of pure statistical hell, I claim that it is impossible to do any better given my stats, level and towers. 0%, 2 death of hades and the guy ends up right in front of the portal that spat him out 3mins ago. If only this coward wouldnt run that fast and had a lower range on his basic attack… Alas, gonna try again with the war buffs and see what happens. Infamous out.

hello my nickname in the game avi55, Hades passed by 19%, and died 4 times.


IGN: Dungeon Master Ek No

my entry:



1 Hades death

This video is for challenge Completed 0% ?.


And this video is for you @CaptainMorgan you simply hate him so I killed him for you Completed 14% with 11 Death’s…


You’re going to get about 500 of these! My defence is nothing special.

Didn’t get halfway and died twice.

Theb of Sir Stuart in Weed the people.


here is your challenge Captin :grinning:


onde enviar o vídeo?





I think 2% is the minimum:), tomasz76

Matando hades

Where online do we post them, the limited file size of 4.88mb isn’t going to be large enough for a video. I can compress my video down to 19mb which is still to large to be attached.

Kababloet kill hades