Captain Morgan's Challenge - Zeus Killer

zeus_wanted.jpgI’m finally fed up with having to prove my worth to Zeus, King of the Gods, so I thought – maybe I can just hire one of you to “get rid” of him.

I’m placing a bounty on Zeus’ head. Show me a video of your defense beating Zeus and I’ll give you a reward.

Signed -

Captain Morgan


















C** hallenge Rules:**


  • The aim of the challenge is to build a defense which prevents Zeus from destroying the Gate of Apollo.
  • Each participant must submit a video or broadcast which is still online at the time of judging.
  • The video must show the player selecting “Test Defense” on their own Mount Olympus. The rewards will only be given to the username shown in the battle loading screen.
  • Autoplay must be activated before entering battle, and Zeus must play entirely in Autoplay once the battle has started; no additional actions can be taken by the player (including spawning units, using spells or invocations, or switching offense/defense mode), except to resurrect Zeus in the (unlikely) event of death.
  • The player may choose which spells and units to equip, but all available slots must be filled.
  • If Zeus dies, he must be resurrected.
  • In the event of multiple successful videos, the person with the lowest completion percentage will be declared winner.
  • Every player who manages to complete the challenge will receive 500 Gems.
  • The defense which defeats Zeus with the lowest percentage will instead receive a 1500 Gem prize.
  • Anyone who manages to actually kill Zeus for me and stop him destroying their Gate of Apollo after he resurrects receives an additional 3000 Gems.
  • All entries will be visible once the deadline has been reached. In the meantime, you will not be able to see other players’ submissions.
  • Deadline for submission of videos or broadcasts is high noon on Thursday 6th October (12:00, GMT+2).


dead and 61%

My youtube link of me killing and stopping zeus. Grtz





Pls reply for confirmation . 

Best regard :slight_smile:

Lazy Zeus. Sharing his wisdom with every peasant along the way ? 

Didn’tmake it in time home for supper


sorry, put it in the wrong place the first time Sep 29%2C 6 42 13 PM.mp4?dl=0


BOOM! Head shot

mission accomplished ?

killed him for ya Captain 


Here’s mine on YouTube, Zeus killed with 58% complete.



IGN: Lord Baron Harkonnen. I wasn’t able to start the recording until attack started, but it shows my name at the end as I go back into test defense and turn off the screen record. Anyway, it’s there. Also, it was at the beginning of the attack, so you can see no time has been wasted to start recording. Thanks. I can see why you want him dead… He’s a total pain in the ass. 

User: Ching Chong

Killed Zeus and won


My defense used to stop Zues with little problem using my best offensive units… and even kill him. I’ve since seen his basic attacks are now AOE making him vastly overpowered. So this was a challenge indeed.

In one instance I got him down to so low health he had to step away… he ended up taking the gate with a few seconds regardless.

In this attempt he gets to the gate but not a total victory…


Thank you!! Here is the video. 



Enjoy ?