Captain Morgan's Glorious Gem Giving Greek God Goodies Guessing Game

Greetings Mortals,

Version 3.6 is almost upon us!

The version will bring with it a few game-changing features, among them a new Tower and a new Power.

I’m feeling unusually generous, so here’s the game: I want you guys to guess which gods the Tower and Power are based on.


There will be a 500 Gem prize for 3 of you who manage to get  both  of the gods correct. This will be broken down into:

  • 500 Gems for the first person to get it right.
  • 500 Gems for two other randomly picked players who get both names correct.

The closing time for answers will be when we hit the release button for the new version , so you have an unknown time to get your answers in (though we hope its short!).


  • Tower:  I had an ancient monument built for me to celebrate victory over the attacking forces of Cyprus.
  • Power: I will declare your fame far and wide! I WILL DECLARE YOUR FAME FAR AND WIDE!


  • Remember to include your in-game name in any responses.
  • I will not accept any edited answers, so please be careful when submitting - if you need something changed, contact me directly.
  • I will only accept your first post, later posts will be ignored!
  • Answers will be hidden until the game is over.
  • Edit: I’m looking for exactly 2 answers (one Tower, one Power) no more, no less.

Now get going before I change my mind.

Grumble grumble,- Captain Morgan

Helios and echo

Texas dumpster

Tower based on Galatea … The power based on homer from iliad. 


Helios and Helios.

Helios and Pheme

IGN: Tomaxolympus

God of the Sea Poseidon - Power Earthquake

Tower - Triton


Name in game : R4LF ?? 

Brasil Aliança

My name in game is Adam Nietzsche.

The name’s God who inspired the new tower and power is Aphrodite, or in my country, Afrodite.


Thx Captain

Tower: Helios

Power: Apollon

IGN: Free Mind

Olympus Rising name: RyanPlegics

Tower: Helios

Power: Arachne

tower name : helios

powername :Clymene

in game name :boodydomy

  1. Arthena


First: Helios 

Second: Delphi

IGN: Dungeon Master Ek No

Damn you’re evil.

I’ll go and fail with Nike and Echo :grinning:



1-tower based on Helios

2-power based on Pheme


IGN: <.: HADES :.>


Hello my nickname in the game avi55
A monument to aphrodite

IGN: k0rtiz0n

Tower: God Helios - Helios tower (colossus of Rhodes monument)

Power: Pheme(Fama) - Dunno??‍♂️

(Pheme was said to have pried into the affairs of mortals and gods, then repeated what she learned, starting off at first with just a dull whisper, but repeating it louder each time, until everyone knew) 


  • Power:  I will declare your fame far and wide! I WILL DECLARE YOUR FAME FAR AND WIDE!


IGN Emmanuel881

Tower: Eros Master of Gymnós

power: I Will Declare You Wide and Open, farther open and larger.

Athena, Hermes.

Colossus of Rhodes is the tower!!!

Lord Baron Harkonnen

Tower: Helios

power: Apollo

IGN: Teal