Capture your Ninjas!

Hello everyone!

The Ninja event has ended yesterday and you had the chance to win at least one sneaky Ninja.

Now time to kick it off and show us his feats in battle!


  • Record a short video OR take a screenshot showing your Ninja(s) in action!


  • Only one entry per person
  • Deadline is Friday 30th September 2pm (GMT +2)
  • Don’t forget to add your in-game name!


  • Two entries will be picked by flare Team x1,000 gems
  • Two additional entries are also chosen by the community by liking the post! (Use the “like this” feature) x500 gems
  • Two additional random entries will receive 250 gems

Good luck and rock it all!



A queen with her ninjas rushing fearless through the lighting storm :slight_smile:

ign: emgiee1


I  love this wan. seems like jumpingback, but actualy ninja go forward :slight_smile:


I have a small poem from the enemies’ perspective to accompany the pic - Ninjas destroying blockade within seconds.

Ninjas are best when they hunt in group

Swifter than any other troop

They destroy everything before the opposition can regroup

They say - 'Better to keep them in a coop’

Or else they’ll make us a nincompoop

And our might kings and queens will be left in a soup

While they will stealthily whoop

And we will rue our big bloop.


Cheers! I hope you all liked the little poem :slight_smile:

IGN: KK Star


Ign: SK Tzlil


They are most effective when you have more then 50% speed boost and I love it… 

Ign Spartansboss

They are most effective when you have more then 50% speed boost and I love it… 

Ign Spartansboss

The moment when ninjas appear and fight for you
Ign: healthysmile

I love my NinJas… like their speed & attacking style. 

IGN: Naba7

My Ninja(s) In Action.m4v

my video is not showing 

IGN: Naba7

fly like iron man   :wink:

ign: Erwinpohan1



My name is Atomico7




Ogro levando susto ao surgir os ninas! CORRE meu povo CORRE!



Electrifying Ninjas.

I love the way they dance with the victory. Look like so naughty but very strong and deadly :slight_smile:

My ing: [HSTS]- Hoa Phượng

A king with the ninja can help unify the galaxy.

Ign: HADES2912

ninjas OS São fodas Enguias atacam Tudo Que ESTÁ Pela frente.