Capturing a tile

Hello I have some questions if some of you can kindly answer it please ?

For example there is a special tile, like library. 2 alliances build tower next to it. A alliance build before B alliance. Therefore A will capture it first.

Questions :

  1. If A it’s attacked while B has deployed the tower before A. Once A is finally deployed, could A capture back the library ?  As A built the tower before B ?


  1. Or it doesn’t matter who built first, but who first capture with the same tower level ? Like AT1 captured it before BT1. Then B put T2 so B capture back the library. As BT2 is > AT1. But if A put his tower to lv2, will he capture back ? As he build the tower at the very first time ?


thanks for the answers.

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There’s 2 rules regarding capturing tiles:

  1. First come first served. Meaning whoever captures a tile first, gets it.

  2. The tower with the highest lvl will get every tile in it’s area.

With these 2 simple rules you can imagine every scenario.

As mentioned, the first completed highest level tower captures any tiles around it.

Thanks a lot ! :slight_smile:  


And a little question, how much energy do we regen per hour please ? 


It depends if you have researches or not.

but it’s like 1energy/1min15s I think

I think it’s 45 (48?) per hour. The +20% research gets it pretty close to 60 per hour I think.

Oh thanks ! :slight_smile:


But I encounter a new situation… A alliance and B alliance build tower near a mine ! A built first but get attacked before it finished so A couldn’t deploy it. Therefore B deployed his tower first. But after A won his battle, A deploy his tower and capture back the mine ! How come ? 

First build > First capture ?


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Tower A will be ready first. I think that’s the rule that counts. That they couldn’t deploy it due to the war doesn’t matter, otherwise it would be kind of dirty trick to raid the tower nearby a special tile, just keep them busy till you finished yours in the meanwhile. Fortunately it doesn’t work that way.

So rule is indeed, first completed tower claims territory (not required to activate it, once it’s activated, it follows that rule. Tiles can only be taken away be a tower of higher level or when that tower is destroyed. Only exception is that the tile of the lower watchtower will belong to the team owning that tower.

Thanks @Dena4 ?

Are you 100% sure about that?

I was under the impression that “dirty tricky” worked.

I don’t know for sure, we destroy enemy watchtowers under construction, just in case. Let’s ask keenflare. 

I also was thinking first completed tower gets tile, don’t know exactly if completed means counter is ready or that you have to press the finish button. Anyway, I would expect first finished tower gets it, otherwise just attack towers under construction nearby special tiles, no need to hurry. Keep them busy and build your own. Just pin everyone coming nearby and there you go.

The time when the tower upgrade is deployed counts, that is when you click on the floating green up-arrow. When you can’t deploy an upgrade because the tower is under attack, and another tower is deployed first, the other tower wins.