Casting Call: Recruiting New Mods!

Hey everyone,


The forums are growing and new challenges are lying ahead. Because of this, we are looking into recruiting new moderators to help organize the forums and make sure everyone feels at home and welcome.


Ideally, moderators should bring the following qualities with them:


  • Being passionate about Royal Revolt 2
  • Enjoy helping others
  • Willingness to take on responsibility

Your tasks will include moderating topics and communicating player-issues and wishes to the Royal Revolt 2 team.


Moderators will also receive a monthly amount of gems as compensation for their work.


If you feel like moderating is something that you would enjoy, simply write me a message and include some information about yourself:


  • Your name and where you are from
  • For how long you have been playing the game
  • Your previous experience with moderating or online communities in general (if applicable)
  • Some general info about yourself (if you want to)





How to get started? ^_^

is the amount of gems depends on how they work with u?

A big thank you to everyone who send me a message and expressed interest in becoming a mod. We have gotten quite a few responses so far. Please give us some time to evaluate all of your messages and get back to you.


Jona has been the biggest help from this forum and since all the new problems people are having its up to Jona to try and fix it so he’s under a lot of pressure so I think new mods can help

TO all administrators in the forum… JONA r the only one who Working in this forum… A big thank u to u JONA,  :wink:

so we are still keeping the inactive mods?

I wanna be a mod to help out around this place

I will become a mod next time if no one else decides to join so back off everyone else other than me

Thanks for everybody who took the time to send in his application. We appreciate all of you wanting to help Royal Revolt 2 by making the forums a better place.


We made our decision and would like to welcomeFii Nami as the newest member of your Royal Revolt 2 moderator squad.


Please keep in mind that our forum will continue to grow and that new mods might be needed in the future. So if you didn’t get picked this time: It won’t be your last chance.


Regards and all the best,



Congrats Fii Nami!


Hello Jona, Do i am obeying your warning now?. Can i had a chance to be a moderator? :slight_smile:

wow congratulation Fii nami… :slight_smile:

As king Atlas1000 I here by declare Fii Nami as moderator and next time declare Atlas as your new Moderator