Castle Crushers1 - Level 43 - english - Hero trophies Req: 2000 - Hero donation Req: 20k


Castle Crushers1 - Alliance Level 43 - english - Hero trophies Req: 2000 - Hero donation Req: 20k

Alliance Leaderboard: top 400

Requirements to join:

  • Minimum donation of 20k
  • We recruit people with 2,000 trophies or few less
  • Hero level is not so important as long as he/she has the requirements above and he/she is playing during wars


  • We give the rank of General who has been loyal for a long time
  • we give “champions” or “shields” to members according to war conditions
  • we do elite boosts based on need


our alliance can have 48 members. we have ten free spots for dedicated and loyal players

join us and we’ll be in the top 100 today! :slight_smile: