Castle destroyed while I am half way there

Hi, I have a quick question I hope this is the right group

Recently when attacking other players, their castle will lose health all of a sudden when I am only half way between my tent and the castle and none of my troops have reached the castle. Sometimes it takes out their castle before I have destroyed all the towers. It gets annoying because it has made me lose trophies. I am using Irmgard as a pal, Sultan as a beast, firestorm, stun, and pal flute as spells, and gargoyles as my only troops. The gargoyles are boosted with twisted trickster. I’m thinking it might be the gargoyles. Is it possible that they might attack troops on the other side of the path, then split and attack the castle? Does anyone know why this is happening? Is this happening to anyone else? Thanks


Maybe you have the translocation gloves (or any other gears) and so, when you spawn gargoyles, they are hit by pro firebolt that transforms them as enemy.

When you hit them, they have a slight chance to be translocated to the gate and when they turn back to ally units and they attack the gate… that s why the gate is destroyed in the middle of the path…

Sellman is right. 

Stop using the pro translocation gloves. Problem solved. 

well it is not only linked to insta-garg i have the same thing whenever i cast a spell while a unit is translocated a small amount of( firestorm dmg) is translocated as well and ended up taking some of the gate health