Castle Gate Destruction-New Feature to be added


Hi- I have one suggestion to the ones trending above. 

It’s related to the attack times (in minutes.seconds) to be shown next to the war history crowns. 

We generally see in the attack history the units, spells the name of the attacker and the crowns won by him. My suggestion is to keep a timer also next to it. In that way, if I change my design, wave composition, I can know if it is effective by the change in the time that the player took to bring my gate down. If the attacker is taking less time (more time remaining > 1 min.) that is I have to seriously look into my design at that particular level. If the attacker is taking more time (less time remaining ~2-3s.)  then I know a slight twist in the design or a change in the towers, an obstacle can help me to gain victory over my opponent. 

Just my suggestions, What do you think? Although it’s not an alternative to attacking videos, it might be helpful.


It’s indeed interesting if for example time left after destroying the gate is displayed to the defender.

When I see that every succesful raid has 30+ seconds left, I would definitely scratch on my head and start to spend energy in improving my base. When time left is less than 5 seconds, I know that a single improvement could already make the difference. 

yes I do like this idea very much :slight_smile:

Hopefully Flare will not find it difficult to implement.


I think that’s a good idea, i also thing of another thing that you made me think with this:

i guess most of forum users here remember about the “replay video” of our base…so if it is technically not possible to do it (i also think that it can storage many MB of size for useless videos), why not approach in another way to it?   :slight_smile:

an1l75 in this case offered a good solution to have an up-to-date attack history with the timing near the troops and spells shown of how much time the raiders take to win.

What other things can be shown in the attack history to be more precise and to create a more similar feature of the “replay videos”?

+1 supported. Good alternative.  :slight_smile:

What I would like as a possible better solution is to show  the timeline that we see when we attack. I will list the possible options from easiest to more complex:

  1. Show one strait line and an Icon of where the king was when the attack finished plus the total time of the attack. If an attack failed it is easy to see where. (The % success is already an indication of this)

  2. All of option 1 plus show my traps as well (shown as dots next to the line). Show attackers army as dots on the line and end of the attack,  plus show indications of what spells were used and when on the line.

  3. All of option 2 plus show an animation of the strait line as the fight progressed. (It can show intervals of 10-20 seconds of the line)

  4. Do not show the line (scrap 1 - 3), show the diagram of my base (as in the screen before the attack) and show me dots of how many troops there was with the king at the time the attack completed plus indications of spells used at different positions on the path.

  5. All of option 4 and show a simple animation of how things progressed during the attack. The king moving along a line and the troops as dots moving with him.  (It can show intervals of 10-20 seconds on the diagram)

I for one will really spend hours looking at how I was beaten. :slight_smile:

I guess if this has to be implemented either we have to make an impression on the Flare team by replying on this thread or they should somehow go through this thread and have an inclination to accept this.


It would be cool, like lots of small tweaks (config loadouts, being able to melt items immediately), but there is a suggestions and improvements forum for these.

I get the feeling that Flare is less interested in adding polish to the product and more in adding bigger features that directly drive gem purchases, but without much supporting UI.

e.g. the list of achievements didn’t get updated for the new units/levels/dungeons available

neil, your feeling may be very wrong.

We are blind leaders in the dark leading other blind people… Any feedback from Flare about anything on the forum is highly valued and treasured (because it is so scarcely).

On the other hand, I can not blame Flare, the few times the devs have spoken - they were nearly crucified. (When you are rude to a salesperson or a support person you are very likely to get better service. When you are rude to devs you will never be helped- ever). 

I just read this idea, it’s very good

+1  Great Idea

+1 Nice idea if we can know the time someone raid. if they win only with 3 seconds left or 1 min left can help us to know what to improve and if the player raid you with 1 min left you know you need a brand new design

I prefer if possible a video of the attack like the game Cloud Raiders. Each time someomne raid you. You watch the video and know what to improve

if video its not possible. A timer can help too

brilliant idea thumbs up for that would help big time to have a timer I would like to see my base layout with % on the map were the enemy found it difficult

  1. Kill zone 100%

  2. Struggle 70-90%

  3. Medium 40-60%

4.easy 0-30%

if they did it this way they could add a timer on each section of the base so then we no were they was slowest n fastest and then add final finish time

fingers crossed flare is reading these posts. these little tweaks would help

All small suggestions help


+1 HELPFUL FOR EVERYONE…and Not a big task for flare to perform. SO APPLY IT FLARE.

It will be a huge relief for active players who are always looking for ways to improve their game, be it offense or defense. The likelihood of gaining gems from defense will warrant the players give importance to the time scale. 

FLARE- it won’t be a big change, so bring it on for your players. :wink:



Having the time it took to do the raid available in your history would create quite the problem for people who use cheat programs too…

Everyone would be able to see some of the top bases out there take almost ten minutes to beat!

…and your only allowed 2:42 to win naturally

Wonder what’s keeping Flare from implementing this simple thing? 

Speaking of new castle gate destruction functionality, what I’d love to see is to allow the attack to continue after the gate is destroyed as long as there is are there are still towers up and there is still time on the clock.  I find it frustrating to have the attack finish and only get 2 crowns when there are 30 secs left on the clock.  Give me the opportunity to finish taking down those extra towers! :slight_smile:

As a bonus perk - how about giving a modest ‘luck’ boost for the CoF based on how fast you take down the base.  Say, give a 1% luck boost for every 1 (or 2 or 5) seconds left on the clock after you win an attack.  That would give a reason to not only beat someone’s base, but to do it as fast as possible which could be fun.