Castle Gate Turret

Hello guys,
I am playing Royal Revolt 2 for 1 1/2 years now and really enjoying but i always found it somehow strange that the castle gate always shoots simple arrows, not regarding how freaking strong it gets and how monstrous it looks in comparison to the starting gate?!

From my point of view it would be much more thrilling to have the option also to build and upgrade something like a “Gate Turret” ^^
Maybe arrows at the beginning, a ballista later, a catapult even later … and when the gate gets these red orbs on its tops it could shoot missiles of energy or fireballs

It would even become more interesting if you could unlock different types of elemental projectiles
Or just give the gate the ability of a tower that endures as long as the gate stands … with “Gate Turret - Upgrades” of course :wink:

It would be interesting to have a little variety of options to make the defence even more individual, because you can design the path, set towers and obstacles everywhere, choose defending units, but there is no option to that borring arrows that mysteriously become stronger and stronger? ^^

Mmm i think some cool things could be done for it, i’m already thinking of some forge perking for the Castle Gate 3 stats:

  • Blunt Damage = arrows are like the power archer arrows
  • Attack Rate = it increases the speed of the arrows shoot
  • Ice Damage = shoot ice arrows [Filled a missing part of the sentence]

But i don’t like at all the idea of perk everything since pearls are not easy to get for all so i’d leave it at the end this thing.

Instead i’d like that those red electric balls on the castle gate could do some red lightning shots to add variety of the usual arrows, this might be nice. The mechanism could be for example:

  • LEVEL 1: few arrows (the ones we have already)
  • LEVEL 2: big arrows (they hit harder)
  • LEVEL 3: little blunt arrows
  • LEVEL 4: big blunt arrows
  • LEVEL 5: little lightnings
  • LEVEL 6: stronger ligthnings

Actually however the damage doesn’t have to be OP i put already my sign to say “no” if that happen.

If we add missiles as you suggested we go out of theme and we go to teleport RR2 in Dawn of Steel  :stuck_out_tongue:

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for me I think its a bad idea. at this moment if you face Castle Gate at level 20 + Doom gate you need huge fire power to destroy that or reach the castle gate with at least 40 seconds left

If you add Castle Gate perk. I think that gonna destroy the balancing of the game. its a nightmare sometime when you face Doom Gate

When i said “Gate Turret with energy missiles” i wasn’t talking about something like a swipe clean doom volley of perdition ^^
More about something like a single target projectile at low gate lvl and later options with AoE. But nothing too strong of course … by far not like doom gate
Just a single “bomb” that deals maybe a bit less damage then the arrows, but with a range of 2m for example. Maybe also options for single target with more damage and maybe also a single target turret that prefers to aim at the king :wink:

Another possibility would be to be able to stationize 2 or 3 range units above the gate … maybe a pyromance and an arblaster or a froster and a mortar … whatever


I’m absolutely loving your comments!

Why can’t we perk the castle gate!

I’d love poison arrows to kill the enemy Kings!

Pelle’s suggestions are always good, there we have another one.

i think about 3 arrows should come out of the gate