Rain of arrows of fire to The castle gates

I don’t get it?

WTNNSS what is your question? Please rephrase it, so everybody can understand you.


Thanks for understanding.

Do you mean rephrase it.

Fairly sure oPelle wants to hear it in song before answering.

He wrote a generic sentence. Tell us more about your suggestion.

Tell me i’f I’m wrong but it sounds like you’re saying that you want the gate to fire flaming arrows, Or you want something like a cannon to fire flaming arrows at the gate?

Yep thanks ! I just did a misspelling.


Could be interesting !  :stuck_out_tongue:


This is what i thought immediately…let’s see if it is correct by waiting his answer.

The gate must shoot fire arrows in invaders

Mhh if you mean fire arrows powerful like Firebolt Tower could be an idea, since the picture of Doom Gate represents in fact a Gate on fire, however i agree.  :grinning:

You can decide The Best solution

The castle gate should definitely change more in both appearance and the type of firepower it uses as you level it up. Even max gate still looks the same as previous upgrades and still shoots arrows…

Yes that s right