Castle Guard Wardrobe Slots

I know this has been suggested before, @QuantumApocalypse  :wink: , but I feel I must bring this up again (I couldn’t find the other topic made on this suggestion). We need A, B, and C Wardrobe slots for our Waves in the Castle Guard, just like we have for our king’s setup. My defense is completely different when we have special boosts running, but when they go off, I have to take 10-15 minutes to reset it all back! Why not go from 10-15 minutes, to 1 second! It’s so simple and so convenient for EVERYONE!! 

I think we don‘t need a wardrobe slots for our waves in the castle guard, because that isn‘t usefull. 

I respect your opinion, but you really should say WHY you think it wouldn’t be useful

I think you misunderstand, he wants save slots for waves. So you can switch between A, B, C, etc for waves, similar to the king’s wardrobe. The reason is that, players must manually change their units to make the most of what boosts are active. And changing that is really annoying for a lot of players, even if it isn’t annoying to you. 

Oh, yeah, thanks for clarifying that for for Quantum

I have thought through your idea again and I came to the conclusion  that it would useful for the players to have more wardrobe for the defense. For me, for example, I still have many of the first towers but I don‘t want to put them into the camp. With several defenses, I can just leave my previous as it is and I could build a defense with better towers and so on at the same time. That are very useful. 


I hope that you understand that I have do think about this idea. 


I hope you can understand my article, because I am not so good in English. 

And also slots for diffrent defenses we can create with towers in our storage lets say meta has change or boost run out or you want to make a trap 

its a tower defense with a huge possibility of combo. So its obvious RR2 should have a A,B,C,D for items. A,B,C,D for units and spells. A,B,C,D for Defense Layouts and A,B,C,D for Waves. What you use off war or off Conquest cannot be the same of what you use during War and Conquest. So the possiblity to switch its more welcome. I don’t know why this is not in the game I means defense layouts and waves layouts