Castle guard

Upgading the castle guard  reduces the interval between the waves, right?


The last two levels (9 and 10) just let you upgrade your waves to levels above 10. Takes so long that I haven’t reached the need to upgrade to level 10

Same here… still not reached all waves to 26 moral. Only then will upgarde to next level. Castle gaurd is the longest of all.

Anyone else think that the castle gaurd needs a revamp. It takes a stupid amount of time to upgrade waves but it’s kind of necessary to remain high in the leaderboards. Flare this is another reason why people hang low in leaderboards. If you can’t compete what’s the point.

Waves should be upgradable in multiples rather than one every time. Kinda annoying having to wait a long time for a single wave upgrade to finish. 

You didnt even consider how harder it is would be to attack. There’s two sides to a coin