castle guard


I just upping the castle guard and was surprised with my wave one that was full to a level wave one.

The new wave should not be the last ?

Thats true. It shuold have been last. 

But Flare is clever. If they had put it last, people may not have had it upgraded fast. Now, you will not have any choice but to upgrade it fast and that will be the weak link.

It has always been that way if I remember well. First upgrades are cheap and maybe for middle and lower alliances that’s no problem. But now I will definitely first focus on going on with upgrading the other waves first.

I can confirm, that new waves were always entered as wave 1. My upgrades were not so long ago :grinning:

Actually, the new first wave is very helpful at the high level. I can’t remember if it’s always that way anymore, but if it wasn’t, sadly (or gladly?) i have to say that this time fg is siding with high level player (well, no surprise there, since the paying players are usually on high level). The new first wave often surprised and ruined the rhythm/timing of the raid that causing many people to scroll. It’s kinda enhanced your waves instead of becoming weak link. I like it  ^_^