Castleblack Inc. is in need of New Blood !

Castleblack Inc. needs no less than 3 new active players. Must donate , must fight in war season . Must have 1000 trophies and growing. 

James the anointed leader of Castleblack Inc.


I dont have 1000 trophies but im active all day and i can donate. Ign: De Grizman

anyone who is willing to fight and donate is welcome ! But it will be harder with lower trophies.

invite me, i will show you how i can be fast and loyal. Thanks

DeGrizman, come-on and join Castleblack Inc. it’s open just apply and your in . And anyone else. We are rebuilding !


I’m a newbie and have 750 trophies and hero level 11 within two days. Can i join? Please accept me. Will be active all the time. 

The Alliance is now open join up we will see what you can do !