Castleblack Inc. is recruiting!

Tired of joining random alliances to find you are the only one playing?


Join us!


Looking for active friendly Royal Revolters to partake in glorious battle!



We are still open for recruitment and have picked up a few active members. Stop in to chat with us today!

We just won our first war! Have some pretty cool boosts going now. 4 spots currently open. Come join us! New players welcome. No requirements to join other than be active and play.

We have some spots open still. Come join us today! We picked up a few new members and kicked the inactives. 3 spots open right now. If you are active, like to war and play with other active players we are your alliance!

Hi TsakT. My IGN is TheSlenderMan91. Though I am new to the game I am an active player and on quiet frequently I am looking for a good group of people to grow and expand with. The only down side I hVe is I have a 5 hour wait for throne lvl 2

Our recruitment is still open! We have dropped and gained a few more members and been leveling up our alliance! Being active in the game is really our only requirement (which means leveling up your alliance tower and donating so we can afford boosts). We have a mix of mid level and beginner players now and are looking to grow some more.

Still need some more guys. War is an all out brawl against us haha but they will never take our freeeeeedommmmmmm!

If your having no luck recruiting

We have a guild looking to recruit UNITED FORFRONT Unite fight and concour to become victorious

Thanks XxFliPxX we actually have a good core of about 7 guys now who are active and getting things done. Just need some more guys to come in and actually participate! As I am recruiting newer players I know turnover will still be high at first but thats ok.

We keep leveling up the alliance so more room for active players!

We won our last alliance war and still accepting new players. Come on in!