Castleblack Inc. Is seeking fierce kings ! BE FEARED !!!

Castleblack Inc. has 8 members,3 generals, 1 leader (me). A good core team with a fair amount of war experience. We are looking for faithful members that want to play. Please 1000 trophies min. must donate regularly. Must participate in war seasons . We want to win, we want to have fun. Join us at the end of the war season ( no mid-season members),and BE FEARED ! James the anointed leader of Castleblack Inc.

Are goils welcome in castleblack ?

I’ ll take anyone who will fight !

Fight ??  I m a peace goil…  i like to arrange flowers… Hate it when people let their ogres march trough my lovely flower garden, makes me mad, that s how i found out that wolve blood makes good fertilizer