Catacomb Clash season - Flares greediness is back...

Hi all,


Would like to share some thoughts about the upcoming season. Not complaining, just thinking.


Think flares on the upcoming season have beaten all the records of bad ideas:


  1. 150% food cost… Very bad joke. Flares encourage all the players to become sociopath and to prefer private raids rather than helping their alliances in wars.


  1. Boosted arbs. Works very nice, but provide too high advantage to alliances that have the frenzy blaster won from the last season. Boost added to already too strong boost…


  1. Blockade mummy. Worthless for those alliances who don’t have the boosted mummy. The mummy that arises is killed immediately by the residue of the same lasting spell that have killed the blockade (SB, Fire etc.). Only the alliances that have the boosted mummy will gain an advantage here with the appearance of the knights. A double boost again, same as with the arbs.


At times flares do the right things, they deserve positive feedback. For example when they have given 50% food cost last season.

But this time… What the hell were flares thinking? Why boosting even more those alliances who are boosted already? Isn’t it difficult enough to deal with mummies, frenzy arbs and doom gates?


Ahhh, yes, it struck me now… Why am i not surprised…

Exaggerated overboosts combined with the exaggerated  food cost… Flares want to make players to buy food and to scroll like mads through the season… Can already see the river of cash flowing from all the suckers to flares bank account…


So, flares are back to the good old days of greediness again. Very short brake they have given us.





Totally agree with the sentiment Edward, obviously someone at FG thinks we are sheep with big wallets, food cost increase is a piss take, the introduction of “War Boosts” which in general are OP and a good scrolly money spinner!!! Strangely enough they are available for 7 of the 10 days between start and end of each “war season”, so they are there far more often than they aren’t, hmm … all them extra scrolls ehh flare! 


If we are going to keep war boosts why now be sensible, make a war season 3 days long, say Friday, Saturday, Sunday allow the boosts one day before the season, then take three days off! For these wars put no restriction on raids and just keep the food costs and champ/shield at 75% of the standard cost.


What will the above give us:


Less grinding over many days

Your actual defences being your actual defences at for about half the time, rather than some OP boost

You sticking to your rules " The maximum fiefs that can be won in a season is 3"

The opportunity for the majority of alliances to leave a season with at least one fief

War seasons that come and go in a week, consistent, makes easier planning for those that aren’t tied to RR

Reducing the food, shield, champ cost, you might even get more alliances actually taking part in a season, especially if they know it will only be a cost to be met over three days.


I’m sure you won’t do any of the above, but at least I’m offering suggestions rather than just criticism, frankly the game is fast becoming a chore as it is, new content is fine, but its probably too much too often.

Drum its time for you to quit I guess, seeing all of your recent post about the game I dont think you enjoy it anymore :confused: sad

I personally enjoy it more with the random war boost every season, much much more though I dont play as much.It cost me gems and pearls to test new boost in offence but I dont have any use for them anyway.

Having tested the boost, I think double boosted blockade are useless.Arbs did as much damage single or double boosted, though double boost means healing power which helps but not much, not at top level at least imo.They do kill very quick though, annoying.

Quitting will not solve anything.

Sociopathy is largely attributed to heredity, but can also be associated with extreme trauma such as child abuse.    But, rules in a game? Highly unlikely unless they cause one extreme trauma, which would make an interesting study.



As I have stop caring about progressing and leaderboard position I find I enjoy the game alot more. It’s a shame because that’s when a game is at it’s best. I can understand the pay 2 win model. What I can’t stand is the constant upgrades added that cost gold shield gems. SO the game becomes pay 2 play. which is suppost to be free.


I really hope they make enough money so once you have invested ~5000 gems on workers and ~5000 on an alliance you don’t have to pay anymore. that’s without gold shield, scrolls 3rd spell/troop. SO you need to have ~15000 gems to get setup in this game that’s about £50 which is what I will pay for COD.

Gosh it’s only one war season with the brutal arblaster and high food cost. Let’s just wait and see, maybe it will turn out good.

No, but it gives us some peace at least in this forum. :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactly said. This next season is pure Pay 2 Play.

For the alliances with war boosts as well, cause the wealthier will pay huge sums to prolong these boosts.

And they will most probably win again… Thanks to Flares.

Fii I agree, the cenotaph isn’t very strong, the arbs however in defence are a nightmare (yes I know they can be very good in offence too on some bases)! You are also right, it is getting pretty close to my time to quit, I just can’t quite bring myself to do it while my base is so weak with so many towers in mid upgrade, soon though, very soon i guess. Its not the game I don’t enjoy so much as the constant manipulation of the players and environment, which all seem specifically targeted on making players scroll or pay more to compete, if its not higher food costs its higher champ costs or pay to win skulls … and loser bonuses. As a solo game it still has some merit, the problem is, you can’t play it as such, as without an alliance and boosts you are pretty much screwed,

Wondering, how after falling below 300k users, flares still think greediness is worth it…

Hey Edward,


Thank you for your feedback.

I will forward it and talk about it with the team.

Aether, thank you. I know you are doing your best. :slight_smile:

Good luck!