Catalysts alliances

I’ve found recently that different types of alliances are more-effective against one another. Like a Rock-Paper-Scissors game. For example, let’s say that we have 3 alliances:

  • Alliance A has many members, but most of them are low-level

  • Alliance B has few members, but they’re all mid-level.

  • Alliance C has medium members, but most of them are high level, with one or two members being low-level.

See the match ups here?

  • A vs. B

Most of A’s members cannot attack B, so B wins.

  • A vs. C

All of A’s members can rack up skulls, and C cannot withstand the member-count difference. A wins.

  • B vs. C

C has a larger member count, so C wins.

All of them win a certain type of matchup. Ergo, when A & B but heads, B wins, and this a problem for A. So what can beat B? C. I predict, that once this strategy is widely realized, alliances will start hiring each other to take their opponents out. For example, a member from A may go to C, and pay them 4mil gold to devour B, whilst A devours C, effectively allowing A to defeat B.

Thoughts? I know this is kind of hard to understand, but it’s just like Rock-Paper-Scissors. Do you think that these strategy will come to light? If so, when? And did I just set a terrible chain of events in motion by posting this? You decide!


Very interesting thought… I only wonder how low-level players might beat high-level bases. They’d need to literally pave their way with scrolls. And the problem is, even many high-lvl players pave their way with scrolls when attacking other high-lvl players’ bases, thus low-level players probably would constantly die-resurrect-scroll-die-resurrect-scroll… during the whole raid, when trying to gather skulls by high level players… thus, except when they are heavy payers, they can’t attack them with any success. 


In your example, C also has a few low-level players, but for staying competitive, they would probably want to kick those (and at best replace with stronger ones), so that A can’t really attack any players of C. 


You need to keep in mind, that on longer term, total trophy count is not relevant for alliance matchmaking, but their previous success is what decides.