catch me up

I’ve not played since jan/feb just wondered what has been going on. My royal revolt needs to update, guess what, thats it, it won’t. Need a little assistance with that and a general catching up on all fronts. I’ll read through threads/posts just direct me with a link. Is there any old faces still knocking around? how is the game? Better that ever or is it dead.

The game its fun yo play it as you know. Needs some improvements here and there but most important thing is communication between the developer and players,which really happens.The rest it will come just natural.So Id say welcome back it is a good time to start playing again.

You really have not missed much in those last 6 months. Alliance wars was added, it is a group fight on a small map like settlers or risk where alliance battle each other for land. You can now private message with friends, a friends list has been added. Knights, archers, arblasters, mummy, wolf, barricades, shield and blizzard all got huge buffs over that time period IIRC. There are elite boosts of troops which is a buffed up version of troops that alliance can buy with their alliance donations.


There have been a lot of bugs with arblasters, wolf, blizzard, swordrain and such…that was about it. Nothing is really new since Jan which is sad.


The game is still very much alive and well. We have over 300k active players still. Devs and Flare games employees are way more active on the forums and responding to questions starting this last week. Looks like they are back into actually making this game a priority for their company again where as during this last 6 months we have been an after thought. Taking weeks to fix bugged troops/spells. No updates or very minor updates every 2 months or so.