Cave of Goods

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I have been saving the Cave of Goods sections of the dungeon because I felt that if I wait until I am higher level, I would receive better/higher level gear from it. Can anyone verify/disprove this? Thanks in advance

I’m not sure. In later caves I received items which were not as good as the gear I already had. Someone else may know more.

If you are referring to the caves that gives out gear as prizes, the gear will be based on your level. Therefore, the higher level you are, the higher level gear you will get.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the extra inventory slot you’ll get if you are culminating a cave that gives out gear as a reward and you have maxed out your inventory slots.

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Snape,there is only a small percent of chance that you will get better gear,when you are at higher level from cave of good,at last cave of good I got armor which had less hp against what I was wearing,so its useless,only thing to wait for is gems dungeon.