Cave of grave goods no longer giving free slot with full inventory.

Someone mentioned that you just “lose” the item now, no free new slot.

can anyone confirm?
would have been nice to see an announcement about it if this was the case.
wonder if people have lost their wings this way…


I lost! the inventory was packed. Then I deleted 1 item, restarted and wings were in inventory. slots did not increase. I confirm

thanks for info

at least the item somehow showed up!

at least they are fixing ‘bugs’
though there are probably more important ones to fix, and an announcement about it wouldn’t have gone astray…

■■■■■■ :slightly_frowning_face:

If it was really a fix at least a dialogue “Full inventory” should appear.

This was such a nice way for getting some extra slots. As you can never have enough of them, I do not think this has been a great loss for Flare…

Iam going to play gravegoods.can anyone tell me…that i get the item if inventory was full or not?

@GalaMorgane @FTB Can you confirm whether cave of grave goods gives additional inventory slot with full inventory or not?


I verified today that it still gave additional inventory slots, I went from 33 to 35 slots after two raids.

:blink: someone lost the item, someone else didn’t…WTF??? 

I confirm it still give additional inventory slot

hmm… so what to believe?? did flare change then change back? no announcement?
seems they don’t want to write complete patch notes, don’t want to help provide info for the wiki, just want to change things in the background where we can’t tell if it is a bug or intended change.

I guess their line of thought is to keep mistakes hidden, which obviously just makes things worse but not in their eyes?
looks like we scared the new CM off already too.

I did 2 cave of grave goods last night and both times received the item plus the “free” inventory slot.

That’s great news! Thanks.

I’m glad Flare kept this “hidden feature” in the game.

@flaretara so ?  :slight_smile:

Wow really?

So the feature that initially nobody knew about, due to extreme lack of information on said topic within the game itself, has now also been stealth-removed alltogether, without informing us yet again?

Amazing job, Flare. Let me stand up and give you a slowclap ovat… no, you don’t deserve it.

I have confirmed today, it still give a free inventory slot.

Good news!

I completed Cave of Grave Goods XX today and I got the slot.


its wrong…the free inventory slot is still avaliable… I got a slot today