Cave of grave goods no longer giving free slot with full inventory.

So we can all agree it still gives an extra slot and a mod can close the topic?

I could possibly close it, but I would rather wait a bit, maybe one of the FG people can provide a statement on that matter, e.g. why the first removed and then re-added that mechanic, or if they did not remove it in the first place and it just bugged for some few people? Dunno, but for me the topic feels “unfinished” so far.

It never got removed. When this topic was made I had done a grave goods dungeon just hours before and got the free slot without any problems.

I also got a free inventary slot. Cave of grave XX. Poison aura. 

I’m an idiot, so I never plan my Cave of Grave Good runs at the right time. I’ll always have 2+ slots open :lol: