Cave of Grave Goods VII

Can anyone tell me the better combination for 3 crown at the Cave of Grave of Good VII because it gets me a hard time, the lvl of my castle is 6.




It get’s you hard ?  :lol:

If it gives you a hard time then you need stop trying to beat it. use you bread to get money and upgrade your troops/spells. It’s the only option and that goes for any level in the dungeon. If you struggle do not waste precious bread on the dungeon. 

You could try archers, pyromancers, cannons and whatever spells you have at high levels to complement your setup.

If your sword rain is decent, you could also swap archers for frosters.


But I don’t know your equipment, hero stats, troop and spell levels and raiding experience, so it’s hard to tell what works out best for you.


But definitely, coming back later with increased strength is a good hint! Maybe the best hint at all.

Hmm… I did it solo :slight_smile:

thx guys :slight_smile: