Cave of Grave Goods XIX - Written Guide

Reason I’m writing is I cant record in my device, just screenshots. As usual whenever I see a dungeon level I think its easy and hastily enter and get beaten for some time, so I searched for video tutorials most of them were with boosted troops, since I don’t have boosts thought of sharing how to win the dungeon without boosts. This is one of the ways to clear the level.

  • No use of Boosted Troops
  • No use of Guardians
  • No use of scrolls/revive
  • No use of insta-troops

Pal - Kaiser (Level 9) - reason is the pal has some massive sonic blast destructive power and helpful in corners, spikes and in taking down the gate.


As you can see in the stats 100% speed is essential, most times you reach for the corners alone and deploy the spells and return taking minimum damage as possible keeping your troops behind always so you can join them to be healed, another reason is most times non boosted troops are very vulnerable to bomb towers, so gathering troops at the start will be trouble, so to clear bomb towers speed is essential. Most of this level the hero relies on spells and pal.

Spells used are blizzard improved the damage with blizzard gears, blizzard is used to effectively take down the werewolves in the waves and most importantly the Primal Howl (it takes 2-3 along with other spells), and we can take down skeletons from necromancers in one shot unless boosted by wolves. Sonic Blast (sonic gear to enhance damage) to clear the bomb towers and corners and spikes, the kaiser pal is additional sonic blast so the current configuration gives us 2 sonic blasts (pal+spell). Blade storm spell clear the obstacles, blade storm is a very efficient spell in taking down blockades and barricades (we have 9 in total) and also in taking down the knights spawned from surprise mummies.

Troops - monks are there to heal nothing more (across lane when king is far ahead in map), they are ineffective against primal howl, so I have the monks way behind so I can run to them to get healed if I suffer too much damage, the pyromancers are to neutralize the canons, so the monks can survive the canons. The frosters are there just in case if the primal howl reaches soon I can lure it to cross lane fight between frosters and primal howl. I used only 2 troops monks and pyromancers though.


Cave of Grave Goods XIX


1.  Reaching point 1 is easy just use blade storm to clear the obstacles, and once the obstacles are clear unleash all the spells to clear towers, the parallel lane close to point 1 where you will face canons bladestorm is very effective here, till you reach point 3 your troops will take a lot of damage so have a few monks and pyromancers as support.

  1. As soon as you clear the Point 1 u turn , immediately rush to point 2 even if your spells are in cool down, kaiser helps destroy them, by the time you reach point 2, have many pyromancers to counter the numerous canons gathered at point 3.

  2. Clearing this place is easy with sonic and kaiser, lot of canons will be there use bladestorm and move forward a bit to clear the obstacles before point 4 and return, wait close to point 3 till your spells are reloaded, summon monks to heal yourself, and then move forward to point 4. By this time you can summon monks + pyromancers (to minimize damage to monks from canons)

  3. Once you reach/clear this place you will have Primal howl meeting you, one of the best ways to take down the Primal Howl by a solo king is to lure the Primal Howl away from its troops, go ahead a bit and push the beast towards your tent direction, this way the beast is separated from its current and future waves (don’t get caught in the wave accompanied & boosted by the beast, so be quick and careful), a lone wolf beast is an manageable (always keep the beast away from the waves). Solo king trying to take down a beast along with its waves is not wise, once the beast boosts its troops a solo king wont stand a chance especially if there are necromancers and her skeletons. Now unleash all the spells and kill the lone Primal Howl beast (requires 2 blizzards, 2 bladestorms, and 1 sonic blast + pal sonic blast at most I think). The remaining time I had was 1 min and 8-10 sec.

5 & 6 are just straight forward once the beast is killed, sonic blast to destroy towers and spikes, blizzard and bladestorm to kill troops. Bladestorm saves a lot of time by taking down multiple obstacles(blockades are barricades) very fast, other spells pale in comparison to how effective bladestorm is against obstacles, bladestorm is also better in taking down canons compared to firestorm.

Finally reach for the gate and take it down

Cave of Grave Goods XIX - Complete ?


Sorry for mistakes. Thanks for reading.



This is a great guide!

I love the variation of troops and spells you used!

My video guide is here:

However, my hero was much stronger than this dungeon when I played it

Thank you for putting in the time to give us such a detailed guide!!!

Thank you awesome @AwesomestKnightest, I did see your video earlier, excellent combo the use of shield is great (I’m a noob when it comes to shield, its admirable to see players use the shield spell), you use wolf and monks very well plus the canons (very effective against spikes), seen this combo in some of your other good videos (the phoebe one). Thank you for sharing your video here. Good day :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing this extensive guide, Surviva! I am moving it to the game guide section though :slight_smile:

Thank you Madlen and its wonderful of you for keeping the forum organized. Good day :slight_smile:

This cave is really hard when kick bomb aura ring and guardian haven’t introduced in the game.

@Madlen i hope i replay those cave, can i?

That’s what we’re trying to make happen here: