Caves Of Grave Goods

I’ve been saving up the “Cave of Grave Goods” dungeon levels to complete them after reaching a certain King level so that I get better gear when I complete those levels.


My question is -

What level is a good “place” to complete those levels for better rewards.

I’m currently at level 58. I wanted to know if it is a good time to start completing those dungeon levels.


P.S. - If that trick doesn’t work now, then please tell. Since there has been many updates. :grinning:

I think it’s all pretty balanced, you can either get them now and allow you to rank up quicker or wait until later and get “better gear” remember you don’t always get stuff that is better. Alot of the time I get items are slightly worse or equal in strength but a different secondary stat. I say get them now but save  1 or 2 until your ranked higher. I find a good time to get one is when your struggling to level up, that little boost can tip the scales in your favour.

I did all legendary gears dungeon at level 80 except one , but my advice is to do the cave of grave goods on different day cuz I did 3 dungeons in one session and got all sword but when I did one each day I got different items.

I’d just say anytime after level 60 is decent

Thanks for answering so quickly :wink:


1.  I would surely follow the instruction given by Fii Nami (I don’t want the same type of stats on all of my items)

2.  I also think I’ll do some of the first few dungeons and then wait for levelling my king up :slight_smile:


Thank you again :slight_smile:


Keep the suggestions coming! :grinning:

Do we have to, thinking gives me headaches :slightly_frowning_face:

@ASH!, (IMHO) do the blue cave of grave goods at lv 50+, the purple ones at 70+, and the yellow ones at 80+…



This is assuming you consistently upgrade your hero gear as you level up.

Good point MisterE!


At the time where your hero gear is e.g. mostly green and blue items, a blue dungeon item might help a lot.

When however your hero has mostly golden and purple items, a blue item will most likely be no use at all to you anymore.


Hence, complete those dungeons that reward you with a blue item at a time where you still use blue items for your hero gear, or you’ll probably be disappointed (unless you didn’t buy any new gear for 10 levels or so, when a new blue item could be better than your old purple/gold item).

I’m at liv 60 and i barely passed the cave of grave goods 9… there must be something wrong. How you at liv 58 reached those “far” dungeons? Do you use gems?

Gems for scrolling and buying food and unlocking dungeons? Nope!


I’d say that I am a pretty good player :slight_smile:

Also if you thought that I completed all the dungeon levels, then you are wrong. I am currently on “Crypt of the Living Dead II”.

Which I didn’t complete yet.


I am sorry to Nemesis6654 or anyone else for any misunderstanding.

im level 67 and still haven’t done any


maybe now ive waited too long! :slightly_frowning_face:

no im at ogre 5, I just haven’t done any caves of grave goods yet 

I suggest you just do all the ones with blue and at least the early ones with purple items now.

Later in the game these items will be useless and even at this point they might be, so further waiting is no use there indeed.


Good luck! :slight_smile:

really? cuz being 68 I was gonna wait for 70 to do blue, 90 for purple and 110 for golds


last time I bought a granny item I think I was somewhere in the level 50s

currently there are like 3 people on the world having lvl 110 lol. don’t wait for anything past 80!

I think flothaboss just made a video with top10 or 20 highest hero lvls on YouTube. feel free to watch it! :slight_smile:

yes I watched it was awesome :wink:


I think HsMk has a lot of success with that massive amount of leadership!!

70 for blue item is too long , 70 is for purple and 80-90 for legendary gears.You won’t be able to survive offensively with blue gears around level 70 unless you’re keeping the ranks low and I’m also sure you won’t get a worthy purple items at level 90.To even reach level 90 will take a lot of time.Its currently 4.5m experience to go from 82 to 83 and will be about 10m to reach 90 from 89 I guess.

fii I think you got the same items by fluke. I just did the first 6 caves of grave goods (all the blue ones) in one session

I got 2 swords, 2 helmets, 1 chest, 1 belt


none of these items were improvements. I clearly did wait too long :slightly_frowning_face:


I will be doing purples at 70 and my golds at 90 then :wink:

thanks everyone for your help