Celestial Boost not awarded & Game Crash

Just wanted to report the things (bugs) I noticed with the game.

1.  Celestial boost is not moving eversince the update.  I’ve heard that for some players, their celestial boost had been boosted a lot… But it’s the other way around in my case. I’ve opened a lot of chests since the upgrade and i always thought it will be added the next day until i forgot ?. 

I’ve attached a video showing it.  It’s stuck at 5129.  I’ve opened a chest and the last item shows “Celestial boost awarded”. But then…

2.  The game crash and reboot (pls take note that it happened to me couple of times too during the last war where the furies were wasted and didn’t get a single VP for those lost fight - though i reached the gate and almost done breaking with more time remaining as the game crash).

Aside from that, I also experienced the game crashing while opening a Titan chest and got a titan cursed boots for Athena. And when it rebooted, it’s nowhere to be found.  So frustrating coz I’m one of the unlucky ones when it comes to 'Unique Items".  I only got one (from the day i started playing) and it even has lower ability than those the other member of my team got (same items).  I was wishing that cursed item will be of good ability but POOOOF!!! GONE WITH THE WIND!! ? Ended up opening a titan chest without getting ANY titan item.  ? (I posted it here in the forum but no reply yet till now)

I also read that the affected players are from China.  But I’m not in China though. 

3.  Notice in the video that when the game rebooted, the first thing i did is selling some of my items so there will be space instead of going back right away to opening the chest (coz i noticed it’s like the server forgetting to remind me that I need to pay 5gems for the slot). Also, please mind that all my resources are full, but when i sold the items, no notification came that whatever the amount of the sold item won’t be added.  I can’t remember exactly what was the notification before, but i am sure that there is something like that before.

Hope you can look into it for all other players satisfaction as well…

And above all, I also wanna thank you guys as I got randomly picked, and won the “Show Your Acropolis” challenge.  Just wish I’ll be among those lucky ones for the Unique items roll… Haha ??


IGN: ? MoonlightWolf?


Hello, @MoonlightWolf,

very sorry to hear that! In case you didn’t do it yet, could you please submit a ticket to Customer Support: https://fgurl.net/help_me/ They’ll have a deeper look into this issue and contact you as soon as they can!

Have a nice day,


For the 1., the Celestial Boost award means that you get one extra item from this chest, and it is thanks to your Celestial Boosts level 5 (+1 Reward in Chests).

You need to gain Prestige to increase your Celestial Boosts level. If you hadn’t earned some during a few days, then yup, your Celestial Boosts level remains the same.

Regarding the disconnections/crashes, it is true that it happens much more often since 3.8.0/.3.8.3 (iOS), especially on phones.

Thanks @oisia… Already submitted a ticket now.  I think the “supposed” issue with the celestial boost was already answered by @ataide - Thank you! … Finally able to realize what was that.  All the while i was thinking it’s a celestial boost and never thought of it as an extra reward coz of it.  So i excluded it from the report. ???

Losing items because of this “greatly hidden bug” is indeed very frustrating, it doesn’t ask to buy a slot instead just restarts the game and makes us lose items, I’ve also lost items many times because of this, cursed ones as well but the thing is when the game restarts after we open a chest, it comes to its senses and then if we open a chest, it asks to buy item slot. I guess this bug is also one of the great features of the game  because it’s been quite a few versions since it’s been introduced and it’s not been removed yet.

This wouldn’t have been a great problem if they were just able to give the items back which we lost but certainly that’s not the case .

Totally agree ???

Totally agree ???