Celestial Boost Strategy

Now that Celestial Boost cost is tied to its level.

It is now much affordable at low level. For example I have it at lv9 and the cost of activate it for 7d is 130 gems. If I purchase the daily gem pack I can maintain the boosts 24/7 and still have gems to upgrade other stuff.

The question is: Should I level up my Prestige Level? Some of the boosts are good at lv9 only (-15% food cost…) and those at lv 11-14 are not really tempting.

Please share your prestige level and gem cost to activate it for 7d. This could be a good source for the wikia team.

Level 19, extension for 7 days = 280 rubies.

Level 12, 175 gems to activate it for 7 days

Thanks guys. I think the cost increases by 15 gems each level, starting at 10 gems for level 1.


get to lvl 19 so you can use 3rd hero…


Hi. I want ask, what happened if I reach the Celestial boost lvl30 CELESTIAL BOOST DISCOUNT. What is this??? Explain me, And what will hapened after ??? I must begin from start or I must reach only last level point in some days??? or I have all reached lvl unlock forever??? or???


it will just cost you 333 gems per 7 days to prolong, that’s it.


Also you will no longer find prestige points in chests won from Odyssey , Alliance wars too and daily gifts.

Correct. In daily prestige chests you will find gems. Only gems. ;-)