Celestial Boosts problem after server update

Before the update, my prestige level was at level 19 (almost 400 points if i remember well, before level 20). Now my prestige level is at level 20 but without Zeus and Hades activated! I don’t know how that happened and i need this to be fixed, cause there is a 3 day alliance war ahead guys! I had completed all decorations allowed to build at my level of Heroes’ Temple. Is there any chance to have my boosts activated as should be?

What happened is that with the reduction of the maximum prestige points some jerked up to the next level. This was a recalculation of points, so the usual mechanics of rewarding players were bypassed at this point. I would advise writing to the tech support with all such issues.


@CaptainMorgan, am I correct in my vision of the issue?

Thank you very much guys! I knew you would fix it as soon as possible, thank you again!

Thanks you for this topic. Never didn’t notice lol. So close of my 23 with this reduction