Celestial Pheobe for lvl 30 and below players?

Please, flare, change the beasts to where only lvl 10 throne room and above players(those who can participate in Pro Cups) can have Pro beasts. I cannot attack in the war because lvl 30 and below players have celestial phoebe. This is a HUGE problem. Fix NOW!

I understand that it can be frustrating to not be able to defeat Phoebe, but if I may, I’d say the best way to beat Phoebe (gem free) would be to bring in cannons, monks, wolves (cannons and wolves boosted) and shield them while attacking Phoebe. Remember, as a level 30 player, their Phoebe is gonna be really weak compared to a level 70-100 player with Phoebe. Just use the right combo and you’ll never lose. I use that combo I mentioned and NEVER lose to Phoebe

Well, that combo does not work in skull gear (read, without heal ring and less strong items) I can tell you against high hero level. Cannons are not surviving two blows for sure of phoebe, at least not when cannon boosts aren’t max. Monks only are good when boosted, but when heal tower is boosted, your monks are fried before even reaching phoebe. 

To be sure without heal ring, you need ogres, wolfs and knights, double boosted paladins or archers to beat phoebe, together with a protective source like shield spell plus a pal that helps in some way. Face that beast at the wrong moment (adjacent lane or heavy destruction area like jester boxes or even worse, when defensive wolf howls) and both troop and hero life goes back very rapid.

We face level 110-130 heros during war and I see enough of our members having a hard time to beat the phoebe beast of them. Main problem is that phoebe keeps creating heal puddles and keeps hammering on your army as long as it’s not defeated. Cannons have not a lot of chance to make it. At our wars, some use Archimedes pal, some others Ceres with pal flute and shield plus heal. I nowadays use irmgard in combo with wok and shield. Still it’s no 100% guarantee, a mistake and it’s either no troops remaining or dead hero.


I guess depend of many factor : like items you have,level of spells,units and what you use,etc…

is not writting in the game but everyone have said it Phoebe weakness is blunt damage. So you use Kaiser with Sonic Blast,Power Archer,Storm Cannon and Mad Monk (if you have them) and I use Toxic Cloud to slow down and poison them,Stun for stun eveyone around and Firestorm for damage. If you have the heal aura rings help too

In theory if you bring this should help you to defeat Phoebe. Remember speed is the key of defeat Phoebe more you take your time and more your lose all your troops so speed combo is the key with huge blunt damage

at low level can be hard but at the moment you have all at level 10+ you should be ok

I use monk, cannon, wolf or monk, draco, wolf all the time in war or out of war with heal ring and without. Phoebe is rarely a problem or should I say the main problem. If anything it’s running out of time that becomes an issue. Since Ceres nerf I’ll admit it’s much more frustrating and difficult but definitely a usable combo. I also don’t use any defensive spells at the moment either. Just good timing and move her around away from heap puddles and don’t let her get boosted by a howl.

And main question is… Is monk boosted? If not, then you have a point, but when monks are not boosted, this combination just doesn’t work. 

Boosts strength depend on alliance level also. Normal monks only seldom heal anything at the moment that it’s absolutely required. It might work, only not when monks aren’t boosted, which is the case in my team.