Celestial Phobe is making me sick of the game!

How is it that people aren’t b!tching about about Celestial Phobe.  Celestial Phobe is completely unlike all other Beast.  Probably 9 out of 10 times I get killed by Celestial Phobe (in Gold Gear), and All other Beasts I just walk right through without even noticing.  Celestial Phobe is not properly balanced.  Balance implies that all Beasts would have their place/value.  But Celestial Phobe is the only Beast worth using.  This must be fixed, hopefully before I quit playing.


You probably missed this discussion some weeks ago.

Several people claimed that Phoebe is too “OP”…

There was even some nerfing planned by Flare:

Which after some discussion, got postponed:

But as mentioned by several people…

After knowing the trick, you’ll realize that she’s not so OP at all.


Face her with lots of low morale units, like elite archers or storm cannons…

She will melt like butter in a hot bread slice :slight_smile:  

And you’ll raise your success chance to around 90%, if not more!



You’re wrong.

Celestial Phobe is over powered, and it’s a fact not a debate.

The proof is 99% of high level players use her in their defense. 

If she weren’t over powered they would be choosing other beasts at least sometimes, but they aren’t.

The proof of over powered and unballanced is the use.

And it is proven in game by any random high level player you pick.

Side note: My raids are Power Archers, Storm Cannons, and Raging Wolves, and I’m still b!tching!

She’s not OP.

It’s just that compared to her, the other beasts are COMPLETELY useless! (except howl beast).

So everyone has been faced with one choice: Phoebe.

What they should do and everyone asked, is to improve the other beasts.

Got damn! Even the other pro-beasts are nothing compared to her!

Just open the links I sent you please… specially the one from @Darkerion “Ladies and Gentlemen: The Almighty Celestial Phoebe”…


Just like you can see, he’s also an experienced high level player and Phoebe did nothing to him.

Please check it.

Hi @Maerique,

A lot of my team members also have a problem beating phoebe beast. I must say I faced same problem, till @LacunaC told me how to beat it. 

My problem was raiding with three offensive spells and no heal ring plus not using a healing pal like panda or Irmgard. Those pals you don’t need for beating phoebe, but when using three offensive spells, you might need one.

So when I used to arrive at phoebe, one or two blows of phoebe made history of all my troops, sometimes including hero. Reason, incorrect combo of spells and/or troops plus not realizing what to use. 

One thing you must know is when phoebe creates heal puddles. The video mentioned above should give you a clue, since in there no heal puddles are created. Everyone it’s own trick, I don’t use power archers, since my team doesn’t boost them. 

I just deal with phoebe with either boosted knights or stunning ogre, supported by wolf. You need to use a spell like toxic cloud (for it’s slowdown effect) or shield (heal plus shield) in combination with heal ring to deal with the beast.

My trick is to start pushing the beast into the pack, use scream, shield and all other spells (I use heal ring in those cases) and keep her at one spot in the middle of the pack. Phoebe casts a heal puddle, but since a puddle has limited healing power and a wolf most likely howled (or Ceres uses spirit howl), the health goes pretty fast down. What you must prevent at all costs, is a defending wolf howling and make phoebe hyper. So for that purpose I use blizzard as second spell. When you have a reasonable large army with hero that is having good health, you should be able to beat the phoebe beast. 

I don’t say I win now all the time, but honestly I only lose when I messed it up earlier in the raid. For example by losing a lot of troops or when I accidentally let a defending wolf cry or mess up with pushing phoebe. It’s a tough beast, but with right strategy, troops and weapons, it’s doable.

Others use toxic cloud instead of shield for the slowdown effect. That also helps. Members of my team also mention using archimedes pal for it’s stun effect, it seems also to help. 

It’s a pro beast, so it’s obvious that without boosted troops that beast should not be beatable by troops. I tried when I was in our backup team (dot) during vacation without boosts, but all low level troops die by first stroke. even with cannons it can be difficult, but with both pro boost and power archer phoebe should be beatable. 

It’s annoying that during war seasons, it forces me to use my heal ring (non skull gear), so that’s my reason why I am now trying to turn my heal ring into a skull gear item. 

I fear Fritz beast more than Phoebe. That penguin beast ice blast damage is insane, hurts more than Phoebe

Yep, remember that one inside a dungeon, a nightmare. Remember hero had full health and the ice ball rolled over him, bye hero, troops included. 

Did cost me a couple of tries, before I started to use kaiser which helped me demolish rest of the dungeon together with surprise mummy, just because I was fortunate to survive the ice ball.

Hello @Maerique ,

So what’s your idea and feature request behind this amazing thread title? Please do not use this section to flame and as you call it “b1tching”, but to make constructive proposals and feature requests.?

All the others - thanks for the guides provided and the update explanation.

Thank you.


Main problem is it is doesn’t take damage during the special ability ( ice ball ) making it’s one of the dangerous beast for low level players…but with all the boosts and heal fritz doesn’t stand a chance.

Of course killing Phoebe is bit tricky. I can kill phoebe 85% to 90% of times. Rest depend on the battle combo, base path and where Phoebe meets the army. 

Let’s say I am playing with ogre knight wolf shield bs tc and aska. My heal is coming from shield . its a good combo and used by many. Only probelm with this combo is when we face aki and phoebe in the opposite path. This combo doesn’t have a single ranged units. So as per base design if I meet Phoebe on opposite path…I can’t hit him no matter what I do I will be dead. The best thing we should do here@Maerique is to make an idea where we will meet the beast knowing the base design and our position on first crown. So in that case we have to scream back so that we won’t meet the beast on places like this and he will move ahead and come to us as usual morever king and the troops will be healed totally by that time. 

Additionally thanks @Dena4 for giving such a nice explanation.


That’s what I’m saying…

If she’s the only one worth using, then by your own statement it’s unbalanced. 

Balanced is when things are equal. 

You and I agree. 

You just don’t see it that way.

Damn, I guess I really have to do Flare’s job for them.  (As I previously noted they really should be paying me for this.)  Since I’m not on the payroll I suggested someone who’s getting paid should fix it.

I can see the fix being done a few different ways, but it has to be balanced meaning (at least all Pro Beasts) need to be semi-reasonable choices compared to Phobe.  Currently according @ShadowsGuardian (and every other player choosing Phobe Beast)…

Apparently @ShadowsGuardian likes getting his @ss kicked by Celestial Phobe and wants to make all the other Beast harder. 

Personally, I would do a half and half.  Make Celestial Phobe Weaker and all other Beasts Strong, sort of meet in the middle.  Because currently the only difficulty I encounter while raiding some bases is Celestial Phobe. 

As the actually creator of the Beasts (who didn’t get paid for it).  I think Celestial Phobe’s gone too far.  It’s a Tower Defense game, not a Beast Defense game.


If Celestial Phoebe is unbalanced on a way that it is the only beast worth it, that means it’s the only beast working as, or close to how it should be.

So why is it the one that should be changed instead of the others?

You said it yourself:

It doesn’t seem like Celestial Phoebe is the problem here.

BTW, do you still have problems when using a proper equipment set?

In my Dungeon Gear I can beat pretty much any player in game on a lucky day.  I’ve beat @FTB, @oPelle, etc…  So no.




But I do grant that’s a mater that’s up for debate/personal opinion.

Hi Maerique,

I think you have a false expectation of what this section of the forum is for. Also please refrain from using sarcasm and insults to attack other users or the devs.

Just so we’re on the same page.  I’ll be kicked long before I’m a nice person.

P.S. Albeit @Madlen, you seem really nice.  And just to note, nothing sarcastic or insulting, I’ve ever said has ever been directed at you.  You wouldn’t deserve it.  You’ve been a super cool moderator. 

Then don’t you think the issue here is you using a weak equipment set against a Pro Beast, and not the Beast itself?? Seems like you are only losing by choice.

BTW, this is far from being correct. Primal Howl is the most used Beast on high level, since nearly all high level kings have already learned how to deal with Celestial Phobe, and it’s only really powerful when you don’t.

You can check just by looking at Top 10, for example, currently there’s not a single Celestial Phoebe there. 9 of those bases have Primal Howl, and the other one have Awakened Aki.

Well, that’s unfortunate. Respect for all parties is a foundation of this forum.

For one, technically, you don’t know what Beast you’ll be going up against before you make an attack.  Though it’s pretty much always Phobe so that argument’s a little bit *****.
But for two, I don’t play too seriously any more.  I just go on Gold Raids when they release a new update so I can re-max out my Towers.  And I don’t like raiding for Gold without my Gold Gear.  I have a set of Gold Gear which is almost 300% Bonus Gold + 100% Bonus Luck! 

I’ll look at the big boys sometime when I have time.

But all I see day to day is Celestial Phobe.

And W-T-F is with people using/fearing Primal Howl?   

I carry Blizzard, and again just walk right through any Primal Howl I’ve ever seen!
Including ones I encountered (ages ago) in @FTB and @oPelle’s base. 

Unfortunately, I don’t play too seriously any more.  Maybe Flare will fix that, but I’m really starting to doubt that.

I respect everyone but Flare (to be clear).

Exactly my point!

Thank you Darkerion!