Celestial Phobe is making me sick of the game!

Who tells you I’m even having difficulties facing Phoebe?

Think twice, before claiming I love getting my “@ss kicked”…


Sometimes, yes I do die facing Phoebe.

And yes, I did fail most of the times back in the past!

But now  I don’t! Now I manage beast it most of the times!

When I fail though, it’s because most of my army already died, or I made a wrong choice regarding when to pull my army back!

So please, refrain talking with me like that, because I never insulted you whatsoever.

Thanks in advance.


PS: I don’t want all other beasts harder… I want all other beasts… USEFULL!

Touchy much?

@ss Kicked is a common expression for a tough fight.

Whatever man, you just talk like everyone is going through the same…

You’re not getting my point.

PS: I want usefull beasts, not dummy dolls who do nothing.
So, if that’s what you meant by getting my “@ss kicked”, then yes I prefer it if that means “useful”.


Yep, I’m not getting you’re point.





Hi guys, my impression is that discussion leads to nowhere useful anymore related to the section of this forum. This topic is now locked.  ?‍♀️

Maerique! ?


" Other features:
-We have implemented a feature, in which players can now tap the Defense Beast icon in the battle loadout to see which beast they will be facing"


Nice gold gear set, BTW!

This is why I insisted.

But ok, we’re saying the same things but using different words.

I won’t keep insisting, there’s no need to do it.