Celestial Phoebe Improvement

There’s alredy been questions to make Celestial Phoebe more stable as it is too overpowered.

I have many things in my mind to consider but I have few considerable points with solution that I think could make Phoebe neither weaker nor stronger but just as it should be.

Here we go…

1.  ** Blessing : **First of all even if you are doing good damage to the beast, it constantly keep healing itself. And if werewolf comes and howl then it is +90% chance to die.

So why not Celestial Phoebe casts Blessing once every 2nd attack(punch on ground). That could make it more vulnerable and better to raid.

2. Armageddon   Here I need two things to change only for Beast (not for Scroll).

a   Range  :  Just put down the range 8.0 at max. It could vary between 7.0 - 8.0.

b Apocalypse  After the first big explosion of Armageddon, which already is good enough to kill many troops (specially big army of small troops like Archers, Arblaster, Frosters, Pyro, etc.), there is another a small Apocalypse that doesn’t do much to troops but does high chance to kill King.

So please remove that second apocalypse ball.

Here are some images while testing the Beast and also  see Time and Health of  King in each photo so that you don’t get confused and think its same image.


If King wants to go ahead of Beast to destroy obstacles or want to push Beast in army, the armageddon already makes King dead in matter of seconds AND  even the King is left with some health then till the time he pushes the Beast, most of the units are already killed.

What more damage then they could do to Celestial Phoebe, and then its sure to Lose either by getting killed again or losing time.

U have monks and archers stil u wory about beast? U not dealing the chokes properly. I cant see ur archers or monks near u. They should be near you when u go forward to push phoebe. Yes going so far alone means death. Its not about phoebe , all beast should kill u if u go that far alone. And that is what is fixed in 4.0 update, earlier u can move alone like this and still win the raid , not anymore. Consider it as your own base, and some raider raiding, u should feel happy that now raiders have to be carefull while raiding.

Yes, you are in armagadon range and reason for this is that u r all alone, if phoebe sees ir army of archers at choke. It wil start fighting them and die. 

@MightyAnurag1 I just wanted to show that there is a second apocalypse…thats why I am alone otherwise how could anyone see it if I would be with my troops.

And I know how to deal with Celestial Phoebe but sometimes in very extreme conditions you lose raid beacuse of time or death.

And my army is fighting phoebe there without King.

My thing was just to show what it could do if youvare not raiding with monks or ascension archer. Not everyone has them.

And you would be glad to know that I am a memeber of an alliance The L**t S***p.

Hahaha…?? good to have you…tbh…may be i have never really experienced this thing…if i see a phoebe on opposite path i jst backs out…and let it pass…i try to push phoebe when i am in range . And about occasional dying, yes i also get killed by phoebe and wolf beast, when i fail to push. But those cases i feel good, cz thats what a beast is meant for , i thnk flare did a good job with phoebe. They need to improve other beasts, but phoebe is a pro beast so it has to be more powerfull then other beasts. 

@MightyAnurag1 Yes !

That’s why I want developers to have Celestial Eris & Janus improved too.

About Eris Buff I read the announcement yesterday that Beast is not the subject of BUFF.

I know that…I didn’t write anything about any improvement for Eris.

I Just wrote I would like it to be improved too but in fututre.

This time it is about Phoebe.

Thank You.