Celestial Phoebe killing

I used the healing magic and the Arblasters the Froster. 
Bring 6 or 8 Arblasters alongside the Celestial Phoebe.
Use the healing magic.



Hi, thanks for the videos :slight_smile:

I will move them to creator’s corner in RR2.

Now I am curious. What is your experience against phoebe beast Madlen? Easy to beat, or is it too much plus end of raid? 

Would be interesting to hear how you experience phoebe beast.

It’s possible that at her level she hasn’t faced the Phoebe Beast yet, Dena

Serkan which level is your king and your opponent? fighting lower level opponents with phoebe is manageable but slightly higher than ones level becomes problematic. Just wanna know if you are fighting equal level opponents?

I tried defeating your defense Dena4,  almost defeated phoebe but the wolf howled and wiped out my troops I had to rush back to tent gather troops and defeat it again but I lost only defeating 30% of your defense, tried again I got it on the second attempt 100%, but it takes me almost 20 to 25 seconds to defeat phoebe when players medal is 200, medals above 200 I cant.

One mistake and its the end, compared to other beasts Phoebe is overpowered and very tough for me. Defeating phoebe requires lot of preparation and time for me and tiny mistakes are deadly.  My spells are swordrain, blizzard and firestorm and I use monks and pyromancers mostly as monks can take a lot of hit (also these are the spells and troops I have forged to an extant), In order to change my combo I need to forge other spells and troops which will take a while.

Small alliances like mine cannot afford boosts or can buy phoebe. Almost every player above 3000 trophy has phoebe, 9/10 battles I have to face phoebe so every battle is like David vs Goliath.

Also most players say phoebe is an easy beast but when I check their defense they have phoebe, why cant they choose another beast when they say phoebe is easy to defeat sounds hypocritical.


Thanks Serkan for those videos.

I haven’t met her yet, I think :wink:

I ask this for a reason. More and more alliances get phoebe beasts and during war seasons most players have his beast in defense. So there are not a lot of options for most players, they face phoebe beast. Also during conquest wars there is a huge chance you face this beast.

You should try to raid a few bases with phoebe beast in defense, from players around your hero range. Then I am curious. This is exactly why players in your hero range plus even higher say it’s overpowered. Your troops aren’t maxed yet, plus spells neither. Even players with maxed spells plus troops who decently forged them, still have difficulties, while any other beast would be beatable.

So experience by doing and then I would like to see what you think Madlen. I think it’s not normal that lower heros already can have this beast.

For me Phoebe is easy but thats because is a stripper name. ?

Kidding aside its easy if you have a big army, its easy to push into it.

Wolf 10 is way harder.

PS: I’m only level 130 ~5300 trophies.

I’m 96 level. My opponents are 90-95 level .I used the Arblasters. It was very effective.
If you can’t stop Celestial Phoebe, you can’t beat these opponents.
In battles, this tactic earns points. Celestial Phoebe’s got to bring Arblasters. High-level opponent attacking his defense, will look at the cup.

When you choose the opponent in battle, you will look at the trophy and the level, the Celestial Phoebe. What’s important is attacking opponents who score points close to the level.

Serkan thanks for the reply with data much appreciated.

I can defeat those opponents if they had any other beast that’s where most players have a problem. Would you say the same thing if the beast was tammy or growl or any other.

I beg to differ with a few points, I have defeated some bases just by letting my troops delay phoebe before it destroys my tent and I would ignore and rush past phoebe, this method works on the certain defenses, its you destroying castle gate first vs phoebe destroying your tent. I use a few other methods too but its somewhat hit or miss methods.

I use medals to determine the opponents strength, a 2800 trophy player can have 34 medals or 250 medals, you cant judge players strength based on trophies it may work sometimes, but for me medals give a clear picture on the strength of opponents.

But I can be wrong, because not everyone uses the same strategy, but arblasters are great because of the rate of attack, the only problem for me with arblasters losing the troops before I meet phoebe also if I make a mistake phoebes armageddon can kill my arblasters easily.


Anyways thanks for those videos, if you find other strategies make a video it will be appreciated.

At higher levels, phoebe kills the arblasters/frenzies in a single stroke from out of their range. I forged my frenzies to the point that forging does no longer add fire rate plus range. Heal gives not many extra points. Troops like that are no option any longer for me, you need troops with high health point plus a spell like shield at that moment. 

When you don’t have kickback aura, troops like frenzies even don’t survive that long, well forged skull towers, guarded by a heal tower out of range makes them stop, shoot at skull tower which is healed all the time. One salvo of the skull tower and it’s goodbye frenzies, unless hero is near them. And you can’t stay all the time there, you will run out of time. That’s why higher hero levels either use WOK or the double boosted archers/paladins as option to beat phoebe. 

wait, so which one is David and which is Goliath? See, this isn’t the best example as if your saying you are David, then that means you beat Phoebe (Goliath) every time. However, it’d make a little more sense if you’re saying the Phoebe is David and you are Goliath. The one flaw being that Phoebe is the size of Goliath and the king is about the size of David


Just a metaphor to emphasize weak vs strong. My point is to show the unfair difference in strength. Was David equally strong as Goliath? ?


I’m just messing with ya, man. I get your point :grinning:  

Really that’s a revelation, didn’t know you were trolling. I shall stop here in order to keep the discussion related to the topic.

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