Celestial Phoebe vs Low-Mid lvls: after balancing changes

There was a lot of members asking and supporting a nerf to Celestial Phoebe on low and mid levels, and now no one is talking about it.
Remember to tell Flare when they make good changes as well, not only complain when they make bad ones.

How is it after the last live server update?
Are you happy with changes? Think it was too much and made the beast die too fast? Think it was not enough cause you are still struggling to defeat it?
I’m neutral about it cause the changes didn’t affect me but I’m just curious.

I never bothered to check before, so I don’t know how much it changed, but these are Celestial Phoebes from a lvl ~120 and a lvl ~70 after the balancing changes.

Well, the stats of the beast have always varied depending on the player level, so the lower the player, the worse the stats of the beast are gonna be. Flare didn’t announce any changes to Celestial Phoebe and I don’t think any were made. They seem just as difficult as before: I can sometimes beat it, at other times, it’s tough, and that’s probably just cause one player was lower level and the next was higher, thus giving Phoebe more stats. I personally don’t think Phoebe needs any changes, the only way it’s OP is if you don’t have an army with you and that only occurs because of the N-Base design that is WAY to OP at the moment. You can see the topic on that issue here: 


Not Celestial Phoebe specifically, but wasn’t there a slighty change to pals and offense beasts on low and mid level players? Did I misread something? ?

I don’t think it changed, mine’s still the same (I’m lvl 100)



Yeah, only on OFFENSIVE beasts. So, beasts that come from the Pal Flute. The stats that you shared above are of the DEFENSIVE beast. Pretty sure nothing changed for defensive beasts

Yeah, seems like I did misread a thing ? damn


May be you were having a bad day  :grinning:

Guess I just automatically related the changes being applied to beasts’ power based on hero levels to be the ones suggested on the post about Phoebe beast balancing changes.

I mean,
we were discussing about a defensive beast, they did an announcement for changes on that defensive beast, we didn’t like it but gave other suggestions for that defensive beast…
and then they apply balancing changes to beasts… in offense! Like, WTH.

Pal Flute is already a very strong and very used spell, especially after the Ceres nerf. And now they are making it even stronger.
That’s not balacing, that’s creating an excuse for a future nerf after everyone has spend a lot of time and effort on that spell.
I’m not paying 600-1200 pearls each forge just to see the spell lose the power that is making me invest on it in the first place.

Didn’t they postpone the Phoebe changes?


That Phoebe beast for kings at level 70 has really low stats.

Actually, it has pretty good stats. Low level players have low health so that 5,5k damage Armagedon would probably be strong against a lvl70 player.


So, there was indeed a change to defensive beasts! ? 

Ahhh. After a very long time I’m watching these stats. Once I was like that too. Only legendry items and always looking for better uber items. And playing more and more to get gold and xp. It was very fun back then. I really enjoyed this game but now it’s not that interesting. I feel like a robot when raiding. Just formaly raid players to get few coins. Definetly not good when you have to raid constantly raid a whole day to upgrade just one spell, troop, or wave. There’s no gold for defense. Only fun is when you are level 40-90.