Celestial Phoebe's blinding spell effect

Could you change that to stop the constant blindness when raiding a base guarded by Celestial Phoebe?

Maybe make only the beast glow? Not the entire screen

This is caused by the Armageddon spell that Phoebe casts (but I’m sure you knew that already). I agree with you, take it down a notch, it’s a bit overboard how much the Armageddon gets in your way

phoebe armageddon and time warp work miracles! I stood about 4-5 seconds to figure out where to go)))

They should reduce the transparency of the Armageddon

@Invizzzible, looks like a U-turn to me

@Invizzzible, looks like a cow to me

I don’t recognize obstacles, towers, enemy units and Phoebe beast also with my glasses.