Celestial Plains: New Item Pro-shop

I noticed that there is a new item in the Pro-Shop, Celestial Plains, for 20,000 crystals!!!

Anyone know if this is just a skin? or does it come with special abilities?

I didn’t see anything in the official announcements thread regarding this.


That is a new environment for you kingdom like ‘highland meadows’, ‘mystic garden’, ‘graveyard’.


Previously it was in the achievement list of everyone. It was there as a rewards for players who finishes top 10 in monthly pro league. 

However, as monthly PL is now being discontinued they are giving us all a chance to get this awesome environment for our kingdom. 

It looks awesome same as pro league and background music is also same as pro league which makes it unique. 

I got mine when you are getting yours. 

Bdw in battle map it looks like this. 

Have fun :slight_smile:

20,000 pro-crystals for just the music is a bit much for me.

thanks for the quick reply

Have a happy new year!

Actually, I like that they’re selling it now, but…

If the price is only 20k… everyone will have this in no time.

The best part about it for me, is not only the looks, but that it was a rare one…

Given this price, it will no longer be a rare layout.

I’d expect the price to go near 100k crystals so that it could be still “kinda” unique amongst players.

PS: I’m suggesting this even though I don’t have 100k crystals :grinning:

It will make your defense look nicer when other players are stealing your gold and trophies.

I’m sure it looks and sounds nice

I’m just of the mindset of using the 20,000 crystals on a pheobe and donating it to the alliance to be better than using it on something that is pure cosmetic



Yep , making it the same price as a a phoebe for the alliance? Gee I think I will choose phoebe?.. sad that no new skins, [other than this pricey one] , have been added in a very long long time…

Still think daily quest would be fun… or even just some new quest?..