Celstial Phoebe Is Over Powered

I believe it is a problem that the Celestial Phoebe is over powered.  It is evident by the number of people who us the Celestial Phoebo in their defense and the extreme difficulty in killing it, that something needs to be done.  Maybe things change at higher levels, but between its use of Armageddon and the difficulty killing the beast because of its healing power.  It seems over powered and I hope something is done to correct the situation.

Player: Shorsty

Level: 108


difficulty is all a matter of using correct boost and troops.

My alliance recently switched to boost archers and since I use them, I understand why players say that phoebe is beaten in around 2 seconds. Before I always needed 5-15 seconds and then that beast is dangerous. When you use archers, just push phoebe towards them, bye phoebe within one or two shots of a power archer. 

I now even can start raiding phoebe beasts without shield, without boosted archers you need to use shield and troops like knights or ogres to beat phoebe beast, with boosted archers it’s a matter of stealing candy of a baby.

And nope, I didn’t forge archers a lot I must say. Only stat I did decently forge is range, health not a single forge so far, and damage less than 10 forges. 



Hi Shorsty,

There was a plan not quite too long ago to nerf Phoebe, but after community feedback this was postponed. We still look at Phoebe closely though.

You can read more about it here:

And the original idea for the nerf here:


For players who raid without any boost, Phoebe is the most deadly beast, felt it, most raids at Phoebe bases end up w/ losing by that beast. Phoebe will kill all non-boosted troops, will after the king back to his tent, induce nightmare ?

Phoebe is only over powered if you do not work out how to kill it quickly,  spawn insta cannons as it approaches and push Phoebe around as the cannons kill it. I have had more problems with primal howl which goes into crazy mode.

phoebe is not that hard to kill believe me , my combo is knights ogre wolves BS shield and FS i don’t have any spell that deals dmg and yet i take it down in 10s just push it to your army scream  cast shield to protect your knights and let them do the work ogre will kill it fast with the help of knights and the howl effect easy for protecting your army and faster kill push it around your army stop for 1 sec each time so your ogre get a hit on it   :slight_smile:  hope this helps , i’m using aska or irmgard , as an  irmgard (mine lvl 6 not even that high) can take from 10 to 20% health with the special ability my hero lvl is 107 my troph is around 4k to 4.2k hope this help 

 On the other hand as wych said

Primal howl is a bet hard to kill specially if the waves are well done 1 ogre can stun all your army over and over because of the howl effect  

conclusion: it is not about being overpowered it is about knowing how to defeat it and working hard on your attack combo forge them max them and you’ll see good result 

It is overpowered compared to other beasts but how killable is it depends on your setup, beast’s actual strength (beast+owner level), where you encounter it and whether or not it has wolves around. I’ve had my explosive archers kill phoebes in two seconds, I’ve been eradicated by a howled phoebe in two seconds. I’m not saying anything new here, except that you should avoid fighting it across lanes at all costs, especially if you don’t have range damage (but that will be nullified as soon as it heals anyway). Get it where you want and it’ll go down well enough. Unless it’s far too strong - it often can be better to leave it alone and keep going, especially if you have Aska or Janus to rebuild your “guard”.

Nice answer!  :grinning:  

That’s a big change since the discussions on the topics about the nerf ?

What changes at higher levels is players already learned how to correctly deal with Celestial Phoebe. Once you use effective stuff and learn how easy it can be to kill the beast, it will completely change the way you see Celestial Phoebe.

I highly recommend you to read the discussions about it on the links posted by Madlen.

To be honest was having problem with phoebe while trying different combos, and even though my archer is like +80 forged, combo archer ogre wolf is not working well for me when Phoebe is defending beast.was using over 4 months this combo and last 2 months or so I am back to WOK and Phoebe is now manageable. But Phoebe is OP when compared to other beasts. So I would say that FG need to improve other beasts and not to touch Phoebe because she is Pro beast.

I still agree something needs to be done about Phoebe but I’m not sure exactly what to do about it.  Phoebe alone has created I believe some undesirable changes in the aspect of the game.  I don’t have too much trouble with Phoebe and have seen where my troops kill it on corners or even cross lanes when it is not attacking so I never face it.  However, if I don’t time it right Phoebe can destroy me which I believe is the way it should be.  Occasionally Bucky, Kaiser, Fritz, etc. can be a problem if I don’t handle them correctly.  But there are 2 very important things Phoebe has changed or contributes to which I believe is bad for the game.

The #1 problem with Phoebe is too many players and Alliances rely on Phoebe for their defense.  Phoebe can take a crappy defense and a mediocre Alliance and make them far better than they actually are just by adding the beast.  One single beast, or other single variable, should not have this ability to impact a game so much.

The other problem I see is too many players change Alliances trying to find Phoebe.  This is not new as previously these players were always looking for something “free” they did not have to work for.  Great if you can find it but doesn’t help those of us who help build an Alliance and willing to work for it.  I recently changed Alliances and Phoebe was way down the list of what I was looking for in my new Alliance.  BTW, my new Alliance does NOT have Phoebe but I will help them get the beast.  I believe there are a couple of ways to tell the “moocher” but that’s another topic.

If Phoebe is too strong, you are too weak

you are right.

But the thing is phoebe is getting upper hand among all the beast (may be not if u take example of top allies who uses howl more)

today we had two front war. I did 12 attacks in total. every single base has phoebe in it. ( fun fact : everyone including me in our ally also using the same phoebe beast )

what I believe is there should be a variety of beast in defence, for that flare should equalize the powers of beasts. plz nerf phoebe fast( I have no problem facing it)

they are adding more pals (beasts) for more variation in game but their incapability of making everything equal is bringing this problem.


anyone answer me how often you guys see these following beasts in defence: (this should give a clear idea)

  1. primal growl

  2. celestial ceres

  3. savage tammy

  4. twisted archimedes

  5. primal howl

  6. voracious eldrak

7. voracious nidogg

  1. savage irmgard

  2. celestial phoebe

  3. awakened aki

11. awakened aska

  1. celestial janus

  2. celestial eris

  3. vicious bucky

  4. untamed kaiser

  5. ravenous bela

  6. frosty fritz

from my experience, it is 99% of the time phoebe only…rest 1% I see howl , Kaiser mainly



99% howl, 1% Phoebe. That’s outside of war. In war it’s about 50/50. But in general, in my trophy range, it’s mostly howl

Ok still…it’s like Phoebe or howl…other beasts are just chilling in the cabin?

Nope, some use kaiser for that extra M gold protection, I sometimes spot Archimedes, bucky and very rare a panda. Most times it’s howl or phoebe.

On normal raids it’s mostly Primal Howl, on war raids it’s mostly Celestial Phoebe, probably because we were never on war against the alliances with high level Primal Howl. All the other beasts I don’t find very often, and when I do I barely notice them doing anything.

Now, how many beasts in the game are actually useful at defensing a base. How many do you really have to fight against, and not just disappear before you can even notice?

The only beasts I really have to fight against are Primal Howl and Celestial Phoebe, and maybe Frosty Fritz too
And I think that tells if the balancing should really bring the most used beasts down, or the other beasts up.

Moving this to General discussion - Pals and Beasts.

The Primal Howl you are talking about here is at higher level but the Phoebe level which we are talking about here is of 1 or 2 level. So specially in lower/middle/ level alliances where max level of beast is not achieved Phoebe is the best bet. 


This is why my argument goes in favor of nerfing the phoebe beast.

Even I do not have much trouble with Phoebe but some players creating a base keeping in mind only Phoebe beast as how they can utilize it the most while it is a tower defense game not phobe defense game…