ceres bug

guys, can sb explain me how its possible ? my set: knight, pyro, monk + cannon and ceres. i dont use black magic but i’ve ogre in my army ?!?! @nicolasnottin @flaretara @Archimedes

I want that bug too!  ")

it was first time but its weird

Is it possible that you had summoned an Ogre instant troop earlier in the raid, and then the next queued up instant troop was a cannon?  Personally, I tend to go back and forth between requesting ogres and cannons for instant troops so I could definitely see this happening to me.

Ceres has an ability to copy troops of defensive waves

i dont use ogres as insta troop, only cannons

i dont think so. he can copies only my units

True, my bad :wink:

and this is strange, really strange

I say, if this happens only one time, don’t report it as a problem. If it happens numerous times to you, either right in a row or just spread out over a time of attacks, then you should report this bug. It’s most likely just a one time bug

Can you tell me how to get this bug? I want it especially in war alliance when my alliance activating elite boost Ogre. ?

its primeval magic, hard to learn  :wink: