Ceres:from best to worst

Ceres should be given the previous properties…at least give some thing which can work…EVERYTHING IS REDUCED IN IT…if u think ceres is too strong as a pal then you are right…we had to spend crystals to buy it(we bought it because it was the best we thought)it was a guarantee to those who dont have aska or nidhogg…with new updates…every thing is stronger…added extra health…and no update on spells are given…and ceres is reduced to dust…ITS COMICAL YOU KNOW…i saw the junior players have aska or nidhogg…but many higher lvl people dont have them…so SOMETHING SHOULD BE DONE TO COMPENSATE…

Yes, there should be some festival for aska pal, like many other pals, so that everyone has a fair Chance to get it. I am L121 King but still waiting for aska. Every time I open Pal chests I get carp pals and I have never ever got any pals during pal collector events.

I wonder that FG distributed all my fortines to others.?

 FG want to make a game based on skill but it’s mostly money and luck based game.

If FG introduces some event for aska then It will greatly reduce the luck factor.