CERES lvl9 vs Nemesis lvl9?

For some how i notice that nemesis is not really worth 150k and Ceres with 35k way better… 

Nemesis Didn’t really help me in pro league, i think im gone save them for better pet. 

It took Nemesis to destroy unboosted Spikes 20 sec with his posion bombs lol 

How to check the pal information from PL?

overview stats and then click on pal palm.


me too, looks dumb. Ceres way better.

It was OK, but same problem with the beast, the transform takes so long that nemesis is way behind the enemy when in beast form, and just as he catches up, is back to firing random bombs in pal mode.

In 10 there is a nemesis on the path - there is no chance to pass it. If an alliance buys it for the beast, it wins the life. But as an attack, kaiser is better.

You can beat it! A bunch of sniper cannons from the other path will do it very quickly.

People don’t raid wars in PL setup tho can’t compare

After watching Flothaboss video all i can say is: 150k ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?



Make it 300k

Or why to sell , put it on the museum of flare.

Nobody allow to purchase