Ceres + Necromancer = Noncompatible?

tried using a level 5 ceres on a level 2 necromancer in war for a skull bonus and ceres seems to kill them instead ? im confused why i never got necromancer clones…

can someone explain why ceres has a 15 spirit howl morale at level 5 but its nearly pointless if it dont seem to spawn their only unit for 15 morale points? lol

ceres ought to clone all units in its range up to its spirit howl morale, prioritizing units with higher morale points, down, to be cloned first. (example, my ceres is at level 5 with a 15 spirit morale & if I had a Monk (10) Paladin (3) & Archer (2) each in Ceres range, it should clone all of them, in that order. Perhaps 5x Frosters (3) are there. Ceres should offer 5x more half life clones, at least to give him a Pro edge over Aska… just an idea)

Spirit howl morale depends also on the level of your king.

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Ceres only copies your own troops