Ceres..was a pro pal..now it isn't.

Hey…I just want to know…the above  100 leve lplayers…who dont have aska or nidhogg…they bought ceres like me…and they were playing fairly…now…ceres’s abilities been decreased…A LOT…it’s the worst pal right now…if we have to pay nemesis(which costs a lot of crystals)we have to pay to buy pro tickets…since donations are stopped…If flare wants to keep only paid players in this game then make it loud and clear…thank you…this game is fun…but some updates…where blockades are the most powerful thing…and ceres the pro(???)pal is worst…are not so necessary to enjoy the game…IGN:Drago0110

Ceres still works, just not nearly as good as it used to be

u mean now it is like 20% of the old ceres? did u even use it ? form me i bought it since it was introduced now i can’t use it lost 100 troph on easy bases used to finish them with 1mn to40s left time now i die so easy can’t for an army at least keep the health at 50% not 22% and the boosted copied  troops as they are not nerf them too it is now useless  phoebe more useful now thanks :slight_smile:  thanks flare for destroying all the fun from the game :wink:  idon’t have neither aska nor nidhogg and was happy to use ceres but now i don’t have anything to use and i own alot of pals waste of 2 years of my life  thanks flare


Yes I have used him. I still win most raids with him, but like I have said, he isn’t nearly as good as he used to be. They have nerfed offensive stuff too much

Thing is, before I beat some bases with 30-50s left and no insta troops.
Now I need insta troops and it’s a close cut, like 5s left only.


Even bases that I used to beat with gold/XP set, now I have to go with full set.

finally someone who have my struggle it is unfair in every way   nerfing it in every stat  we can’t use it now 

How typical flare- You just offered Ceres in a PAID

package deal. Now, he is less effective? 

Offensive Ceres beast hasn’t been nerfed, so i still use ceres + pal flute. Again, not as good as before, but still the best combo i have.

I still use Ceres for his spirit howl morale.  Not quite as effective but for my situation still best I can use.  I do use other pals for a variety but when the chips are down Ceres comes out to play.

Guess it’s back to using Kaiser in all sets huh.

Good thing I didn’t dump all my food into Ceres then.

For the record, Ceres is still good. Now only need a protective spell to make your copied and normal troops to survive. Kaiser it’s main problem is lack of range. When you are close to buildings and defensive troops, it’s fantastic. Still being able to copy ogre and other troops makes it still quite useful. For me Ceres is still the favorite pal.

Ceres always seemed like a worse pal than Aska to me and my reason for that was because Aska would give you troops no matter where you were. You didn’t have to have any troops with you at all, and it would be extremely useful in rushing situations

Well to be fair you are advised to stay with your troops when using Ceres anyway, because of it’s howl buff. It’s indeed annoying that you need to be careful when rushing ahead so that you don’t waste ability cycles but it’s similar when using kick aura - you’d go kill that tower but can’t because you need to be with your troops, kicking all bombs back.


Thats why ceres wasnt op - if something requires bombkick aura or healing aura AND shield spell at the same time. Dont you think it is to much demanding?

Not everyone have bombkick aura ring- ill buy it soon from pro shop, am in posession of heal aura from like 3 weeks now. Im playing 1 year and my shield spell is max lvl forged 29 times: 10:93 cooldown and 702 healing. It was easy to keep ghosts alive but for those who were veeery strong and had right equipment heavily forged- for the rest ceres was just good.

Now Janus seems to  be a great pal, though portal should be giving howl effect o units. Aska cant summon what you need now but only what you set up for her, with janus you decide.