Guys lets crack each others bases and post your percentage completion can also give important suggestion about the base on which you attacked.

Trophy doesn’t matter.

Rank doesn’t matter.

Level doesn’t matter.

Use of scrolls depends on you.

Just post your ingame name here and lets test each other bases.

Myign-maghadheera(I call my base THE BLUNT BASE)

My ign is xXAtlas1000Xx, I tried your base and it was epic since you had all those long range troops which are really hard to reach

Silver,I attacked on your base.

Percentage completion-100% with no scrolls.

Suggestion-1-do not use more than one froster in a wave.

. 2- I think monsters are not working on your base.

. 3-you do not have variety in your waves I.e all waves are quite similar and contain similar units for ex like one of your wave has only cannons.I think only max level boosted cannons are helpful in defence otherwise,they are disaster.

. 4-no of morale points is quite less in your each wave,so work on it go for 26 in each.

. 5-I like your tower placements,good keep it up:)

Guys if anyone else want to try silver’s base or can attack us and give your suggestions.thank you:)

Note-I challenge you to attack and also post your ign here…lolololol

will visit your base


Edit : I beat your base

I attacked on your base.

Percentage completion-4% with 1 blessing and 1 apocalypse…lololol

Conclusion-your base design is quite good. :slight_smile:

Tried your base rock, got 100%, I feel like your skull towers arent set up properly. Could constantly kill two of them with one blizzard by positioning properly. Also your last barricades dont cause delay because you can just use a spell on the other side of the road and take them out before you reach them. In my opinion I would use at least a few FB towers to put fire damage on the troops and a froster in a wave to slow the king down, but thats your choise. I do like the range bombers you use!


I didn’t have the food to test your base, but I have some suggestions:

  1. Put some skull towers in corners, and put barricades in front of those corners. This will allow your skull towers to bombard the enemy while they’re at the barricade, without allowing them to be hit by Sonic Blast. Right now many of your towers are within range of a Sonic Blast, with no significant increase in their own range due to this placement.

  2. Include 1 Froster per wave. Although elite Arbs do deal frost damage, they all tend to converge on the same target, leaving most of the army thawed out. A single Froster will slow the rest down while the arbs pick them off one-by-one, as they always do.

  3. Your last 2 barricades can be attacked from the other lane. I’m not sure if the attacker’s spells are worn out by then or what, but I would definitely move the final barricade farther back. That at least creates some space between the barricades so that, even if Bladestorm is still active after the 2nd-to-last barricade, it won’t be able to do anything significant. To mention, that next-to-last barricade is what protects the bomb tower behind it. I would also make sure that the 2nd-to-last barricade is Level 14 in order to waste the attacker’s Bladestorm.


Again, no food, but I have a few suggestions:

  1. Put your 2nd barricade just around the corner. This will allow the trap tower to begin attacking the king a few seconds earlier. Unless it’s a skull tower, in which case, you do want the units bunched-up.

  2. Take a barricade from the back and put it on the side. That appears to be an extreme chokepoint, probably with a lot of ranged towers, so you definitely want to stop the hero right there so that he can be hailed upon (=< Hail like the ice, not like the worship.

  3. I don’t see enough variety in the range DpS. Although Arbs die quickly to Swordrain and Blizzard, they’re great against ogres and for disrupting the king’s regeneration (not that that’s a problem, considering all the Firebolts). Giving preference whatever’s higher level, waves 4-8 should have a variety between Cannon, Arblaster, and Froster for slow effect. Having this variety usually forces the king to use two spells per wave, which will dramatically hinder him.

@Fii Nami

  1. I counted 4 obstacles that could be attacked from the previous lane.

  2. You have 3 spike traps bunched together. This could encourage an attacker to use 1 Sonic Blast to take out all 3. I would spread them out a little more.

  3. Since possible, I would dedicate more resources to the corners. A Skull + Snake, a Skull + Skull, Firebolt + Snake, etc. Corners are unique in that you can set up numerous towers behind a barricade, and have them protected. Oh, and they force the attacker into the outside lane. I don’t know why more people don’t make use of them.

Vestij I attacked on your base.

Percentage completion-8% with two time wraps and two blessings…lololol

I didn’t get far but your first skull on the left side is in extremely good position.after this raid I get it that which spells I need to upgrade now.

Thank you for your suggestions on by base.i will start working on it.almost half of my towers are very low level.but I still didn’t get it that how blizzard is taking my two skulls at a time because I had seperated all my skulls with bombers.and I recently replaced all my blockades with barricades that is why they are also low level.but I also think I must use firebolts and frosters and will work on it.

I would also use Snake Towers to help space them out. Considering that the player has to actually run along in order to Sonic Blast things, a Snake Tower would act both as a separator and as a major damage-dealer. Firebolts are better because they interrupt the king’s regeneration and also cannot be attacked through barriers, but I seem to recall your last base design having a lot of Snake Towers, so don’t forget that those can be useful too~ ^.^

For example on the bottom left of you base you have a barricde with on the other end one skull tower in the corner, a bomb tower next to it followed by another skull tower. If I place my king to the far right against your barricade, I take both skull towers out with one blizzard.



Furthermore, thanks for trying my base (and the gems). I saw you didn’t use blizzard or sonic blast, those two are at this moment the two best spells in the game in my experience. You should try to upgrade (reach?) them and level them up. There’s no harm in not using them until they’re leveled up (I myself didn’t swap my firestorm for SB until my SB reached level 5), but I guess those two should be a priority.

Ovoneus I tried your base.

Percentage completion-100% no scrolls.

Few points:-1-I don’t find any use of frost towers.even hero scream completely eliminate the frost effect.

2-traps at the starting of the base is not generally useful.

3-all the bomb towers in your base is not doing any damage to anything.they didn’t suit your base design.especially the first bomb tower at the right after crossing the straight path is completely useless.

4-at a point in your base you are using two skulls attached to each other.i think they must be seperated by barricades.

5-complete gargoyle base is totally predictable.i mean you can send mummy in front of the first wave to die and then quickly finish the second wave with one swordrian.

Thank you for you suggestions on my base but I would appreciate if you attack on by base and then post suggestions because after attacking you will give more better suggestions.because outlook is totally different from inside.

Ohh…now I get it…thank you for your suggestions.i have level 6 blizzard and level 4 sb and I didn’t find any use of it till now.but I think I must upgrade them for future use.thank you again:)

My base is semi-open right now. I didn’t volunteer to be attacked xD

And I can simulate the attack. Thanks to you using only 2 types of towers, and because they’re color-coded on the mini map, I can kinda mentally watch my king play through your base (: the Arbs were a *****, as always. I was able to attack a few things through your barriers. I was able to attack a few things from across-lane, but only because my Bladestorm is near-max. Having to use Swordrain and Arblasters, I found myself very troubled by your cannons in the latter waves.

If anything, I think that a mental simulation is actually better feedback, because I simulated it with everything being max-level. Ergo, rather than testing your tower levels, I was testing your actual design (:

Ok whenever you have food or want to attack my base,you are most welcome.imho real time opinions are more useful than mental calculations.

lol my base is just temporary right now, I didnt ask to be attacked

Ok so whenever your base will be ready and complete,then post your name here.

  1. nobody use units that have enough range (wolf , mummy+knights , archer) to hit the 4 obstacles


  1. when you have max level spikes , you can barely move to hit the 2nd spikes let alone the 3rd one and when lucky , there might be arbs healing those spikes


3)Clamping tower at one corner result in them being hit by one blizz/sb and destroyed easily